Strange Grey Alien Was Captured Inside a UFO Walking

This article’s focus is a video of a grey alien sauntering around inside its UFO. According to Brett, who made a connection between this footage and the well-known alien movie “Close Encounters,” there is no photoshop or CGI manipulation in the video.

In addition, Brett adds, “It didn’t look like a human at all.” Though it is hard to describe, perhaps it has something to do with the government.

In the end, Brett comes to the conclusion that the UFO contains unquestionably extraterrestrial items.

However, another supporter had a different theory. This fan claims that the alien inside the UFO is similar to the well-known Grey Aliens since it moves human-like and even appears to be wearing pants while operating the spaceship’s controls.

Many people, however, reject these views, claiming that all is “mirrors and light.” In the meanwhile, a number of crop circles that appeared in the English countryside have caused considerable worry among locals.



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