Live UFO in 1968: “The day 3 pilots communicated with a UAP”

A strange story of how 3 long-career airline pilots “spoke to a live UFO” in 1968.

OVNI vivo en 1968: El día que 3 pilotos se comunicaron con un objeto desconocido

On November 4, 1968, an IB-249 plane, from the Spanish company IBERIA, flew to Alicante from London. No one would think that on that trip, they would come across a “living UFO”.

The strange encounter with a living UFO
The 3 pilots of the IB-249 were Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres, the co-pilot was Juan Seldran García and the flight mechanic, José Cuenca Paneque.

Lorenzo Torres had been piloting planes since he was 17 years old, he was an Air Force officer for 40 years, becoming an official pilot for King Juan Carlos de Borbón. He was also a fighter pilot in the Sahara and director of an aviation school. His experience could not be questioned.

OVNI vivo en 1968: El día que 3 pilotos se comunicaron con un objeto desconocido

«I was then the commander of the Caravelle. When we arrived in Barcelona, ​​the airport controller ordered us to get off, which was strange. But I thought it might be the planes crossing and that\’s why they made us go down. So I told the co-pilot, Juan Celdrán García, to keep an outside lookout in case he saw a plane approaching us.

The controller later said that on a higher level they see a plane approaching us. We were at FL310 approaching Barcelona, ​​and the controller ordered to descend to 280. That is, 8.5 km.

There was some turbulence at this level, and I asked the co-pilot not to let his guard down. After a while, Juan warned me: \’I see it.\’ But it wasn\’t another plane.”

The mysterious “impossible” light
It was an intense light. It was too powerful to come from an airplane. She came down from above and positioned herself in front of them. Lorenzo told the co-pilot not to report the object yet, since it did not seem normal.

The light came very close, it was about 10 meters ahead and suddenly, another light appeared in the center. This was of different shades between white, blue and gray.

The strangest thing is that the pulse of light was similar to that of a “breath”. The pilots stated that it appeared to be alive. The UFO also had other smaller lights of the same color, on the sides of the main one.

The object was keeping a clear distance, going at the same speed as the plane. There were a total of 3 objects; 1 large in the center and 2 smaller ones on each side. But the 3 were so in sync that they seemed to be one machine.

The 3 pilots decided to call the stewardess and asked her if she saw it too. The woman herself answered in the affirmative and asked what that was, replying that they did not know.

OVNI vivo en 1968: El día que 3 pilotos se comunicaron con un objeto desconocido

In a moment, the light went out and came back on. The object approached the nose of the plane began to perform impossible maneuvers and at extreme speeds.

This continued for about 10 minutes, until the pilot decided to contact the air traffic controller.

“For his information, I will tell him that we have an unidentified object that is approaching and receding from the aircraft.”

the strange communication
The air traffic controller asked them for a “transponder,” a kind of radar detection code. Meanwhile, the UFO continued to carry out impossible maneuvers that, for Lorenzo Torres, should have killed the pilots due to such overloads.

It was at this point that the pilots thought it was a live UFO. The appearance was similar to that of a giant human eye. With intertwined and throbbing veins.

The object violated all the laws of physics, they explain. It flew at right angles and made hyperbolas, parabolas. Then he jumped from one point to another.

The team turned on the plane\’s headlights, signaling with them. Every time they changed light, the object did the same. Clearly, he was trying to communicate.

They tried to speak to him in Morse code, and to his surprise, the UFO responded. They asked a total of 20 questions to the live UFO, however, the pilot stated that he could not report all the questions they asked him, because they made it clear that they would have problems if he did.

The team only mentioned the first 3 questions:

Commander: Are you from this Galaxy?

UFO: Yes.

Commander: Do you have friendly intentions?

UFO: Yes.

Commander. Is it a manned boat?

UFO: Yes.”

They were from this galaxy, they were not dangerous, but something bothered them about nuclear technology.

The UFO took off and disappeared. Later, after landing, the team was summoned by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Aleu Padreni, in charge of the Barcelona warning and control network.

Confidentiality and filtering

OVNI vivo en 1968: El día que 3 pilotos se comunicaron con un objeto desconocido

The lieutenant questioned the pilot about the encounter. The Air Force was aware of what happened and that the surveillance radars of Siesta, Samba, Kansas and Embargo detected 3 unknown objects, moving in unison.

Even the Bolero radar of Constantina, Seville, detected the objects. The radar data had been documented and Lorenzo Torres obtained a copy, on the condition that he not disclose the information.

After the incident was leaked, Lieutenant Colonel Ugarte, along with another soldier, visited the pilot at his house in Madrid, ordering him to hand over “what he had and was not his.” Him being forced to hand over the records.

Although the event had already been leaked, General Lacale, Minister of Aviation at the time, stated that:

“No, people are not ready for that yet. We can\’t tell them about it.”

“That is all. What I can do? We tell what we saw, but try to prove something. The co-pilot became the commander of a plane and do you really want to risk his career? No one wants to risk his career or his life.”

This story is one of the best known of Spanish ufology. A live UFO that, by chance, communicated with 3 pilots. However, the government of the time did everything possible to prevent the truth from being known.

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