Giant Ice UFO With A Diameter of Up to Nearly 100 meter Appeared in the Middle of A River in the US

A strange-looking disk of ice is creating a stir in a Maine city.

The naturally occurring disk formed over the weekend in Westbrook, Maine on the Presumpscot River, drawing curious onlookers to investigate the strange sight.

‘It kind of looks like a crop circle,’ resident Doug Bertlesman told the Portland Press Herald.

‘It’s pretty wild to look at,’ he said. ‘It’s certainly not every day that you can watch a spinning circle of ice in the river.’

Bertlesman estimated that the ice disk was about 100 yards in diameter, which would make it one of the largest on record – if not the biggest ever.

According to published reports, the largest ice disk recorded was a 160-foot diameter circle in Sweden’s Pite River in 1987.

The ice disk in Westbrook has created a buzz among residents after pictures were posted on the city’s official Facebook page.

Comments on the photos said that it looked like a ‘frozen crop circle’ and joked that it might be the work of ‘space gremlins’.

Tina Radel, the city’s marketing and communications director, is also a licensed drone operator, and used the city’s drone to shoot aerial footage of the phenomenon from the city’s river walk.

Westbrook is a city of 17,500 just to the west of Portland. City officials hope interest in the ice disk will drive business to local merchants.

‘If you get out today to check it out, be sure to stop by one the many downtown eateries that are nearby,’ the city wrote on Facebook.

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