They Discover Huge Hole in a Massive Inner Ocean of Antarctica

One of the favorite books for adventure lovers is undoubtedly Journey to the Center of the Earth, written by the world-renowned author Jules Verne. Verne’s story is about a German professor named Otto Lidenbrock who was convinced that there are volcanic tubes that lead to the center of our planet. They Discover Huge Hole in a Massive Inner Ocean of Antarctica

Cristal azul de Ringwoodita

Lidenbrock, his nephew Axel and their guide Hans descend the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull and experience many adventures along the way including prehistoric and dangerous animals. Finally, they reappear in southern Italy, on the Stromboli volcano. In the book, Verne describes a HUGE ocean that exists within our planet. And he explains how: a vast expanse of water, the beginning of a lake or an ocean, stretched out beyond the limits of sight.

Is it possible that there really is an underground ocean under your feet?
An article published in the journal Nature points in this direction. It turns out that scientists recently discovered a water-rich diamond with traces of a mineral called ringwoodite (after its discoverer, geochemist Alfred Ringwood). The diamond originally came from a zone that separated the upper mantle from the lower mantle, that is, between 400 and 600 kilometers below our feet.

FOTOS: Reencuentran en la Antártida una gigantesca cueva "perdida" con ríos y lagos en tres niveles

What does this have to do with Verne, the inner earth and an ocean under our feet? The fact is that the diamond found was associated with water molecules in a significant proportion (1.5%). Which led experts to propose the theory that this mantle transition zone is very rich in water. In fact, scientists have suggested that there is so much water below the surface of our planet that we can completely cover the surface of our planet with water.

The existence of this “underground ocean” would explain the great volcanic and tectonic dynamics of our planet. Graham Pearson, researcher at the University of Alberta (Canada). He claims that the ringwoodite found “confirms that there really are pockets of water in the depths of the earth.” Of course, this is a theoretical confirmation, since it would be impossible to obtain physical evidence directly from the mantle due to the lack of equipment and technology that we possess.

Man knows more about space than about planet earth itself
That’s kind of sad, because even though humans made it to outer space, they landed on the moon and explored distant alien worlds. They have not yet explored what exactly is under our ocean and what mysteries lie below the surface of the earth.

Alfred Ringwood suggested that the mineral that bears his name could be found in the mantle transition zone, due to the high pressures and temperatures found deep below the surface. But if we can’t go there, how did the scientists find the diamond? Experts believe the diamond arose from a volcanic eruption in a vent of kimberlite (an igneous rock made of magma at its deepest). It was only three millimeters wide and had no commercial value, but it was sold to scientists who were looking for other types of rock and found something of inestimable value. Inside the diamond was a microscopic trace of ringwoodite.

But not everyone is convinced that a massive underground ocean exists. And not all scientists believe that the result of the diamond analysis should be extrapolated to the theory of a massive underwater ocean, based on such a small sample of ringwoodite. What’s more, some scientists admit that although there is an ocean under our feet, it is not in liquid form. But under a molecular variant called hydroxyl with a single oxygen atom and another hydrogen instead of both.

The Hole Discovered in Antarctica with Google Maps, an indication of a hollow earth?
For whatever reason, the flat earth theory seems to be getting an exorbitant amount of media attention. While the more interesting hollow earth theory sits on the sidelines, waiting for a chance to come into play. That opportunity seems to have come with a Google Maps update of an area on King George Island on the Antarctic mainland. Where it seems that a large hole was opened between 2005 and 2019… A hole with a path that leads to the sea as if something or someone had entered or exited. Is this evidence of a hollow earth, or just a good reason to take some time to report?

Un océano interior masivo: ¿es un agujero en la Antártida en Google Maps una referencia a la tierra hueca? (Video)

The photos were posted on YouTube in December 2019 by Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel known for interesting videos and many conspiracy theories. The video (see here) shows images from Google Maps from three time periods: 2005, 2007, and 2019. A photo from 2007 shows something in the waters off the coast. According to Thirdphaseofmoon, it is estimated to be 83 meters high and 75 meters wide. They speculate that it may be a cave big enough for “hundreds, oh thousands of people” or an underground base, big enough for spaceships. Even for an entire army with air bases

What is in the depths of the earth?
When humans talk about the interior of the earth, they tell stories of what can be found if you go or crawl deep into its darkest areas. The belief that they contained other humans, humanoids, or monsters. It eventually merged with religious beliefs in an afterlife. For all the dead, or a hell only for those who went in the opposite direction to heaven.

Myths turned scientific in 1692 when astronomer Edmund Halley proposed that the Earth is made up of concentric layers separated by atmospheres that occasionally leak, causing the aurora borealis. Halley also speculated that the layers were inhabited. As theories of life on a hollow earth took hold, other scientists claimed that there was a sun at the center that warmed the creatures that lived within.

Scientific ideas of a hollow earth were supplemented by theories of ancient civilizations and higher non-human beings in the writings of Jules Verne, HP Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.
The connection to the north and south poles came from military officer John Cleves Symmes Jr., who explained in 1818 that the main openings to the hollow Earth were at the poles. See the following Article: NASA’s ESSA-7 Satellite Revealed by Error the Entrance to the Interior of the Earth

The discovery that the North Pole is on top of an ice sheet, which has now melted kills the idea that there is a hole. But the idea of ​​an entry, is that Antarctica persisted during and after World War II. And with the rumors of underground tunnels in Antarctica, the Nazis have gained great fame. As well as bases for experimental aircraft and flying saucers, and a secret hideout for Hitler. Even the place where the ancient fallen Angels of the ancient writings and the book of Enoch are imprisoned. The fact is that a large group of scientists, researchers and ordinary people. They believe that the governments of the world hide this evidence as much to protect our fragile psyches from the truth, as to protect the supposed riches that lie there. Oh it will be that they are also unaware of the mysteries that are hidden there


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