Fairies made the news after disturbing images were released

Recently, stories of fairies, sprites, or pixies have made headlines in Scotland. Recently, a push was started by fish farmers to build fish farms on the Isle of Skye.

The proposed Scottish fish farm was rejected in response to protesters’ warnings that fairies may tempt fisherman to their deaths. That’s right, we’re referring to the fabled creatures known as fairies, which have long been a part of folklore.

The Flodigarry Fairies claim that the Asrai have been present in the waters around the Scottish island of Skye for about 1,000 years and may be in danger.

They also advised care since evil water spirits may lure workers into the deepest part of the ocean by offering riches and gems. If you follow me, there are some alarming statistics and folklore that support what looks to be a fantastic tale.

Numerous fairy skeletons have been found, ranging in size from a few inches to several feet. I’m particularly intrigued by this story because of the fairy rings that were found on the island. The fairy rings are said to be fatal to people. According to mythology, if you accidentally enter a fairy ring, you will either be imprisoned in the fairy realm or made to dance around the ring until you pass away.

If this tale moves you, you should watch the movie below, in which one of our authors discusses the tale and fairy legend in more detail and presents some breathtaking visuals.


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