The controversial “alien contact” experiment in the US

Several people who said they could talk to aliens participated in a cryptic experiment. This study produced a number of strange and, to say the least, intriguing anecdotes.

O controverso experimento de contato alienígena

Unsurprisingly, the experiment was regarded as “psudoscience” or fantasy by the scientific world. However, you may have started from a very realistic place.

the alien experiment
In May 2021, the experiment was carried out in the USA. The 12 participants were interrogated by aliens and placed in a large room with 12 separate rooms.

They were not related, and during the discussion, questions about man’s origins on earth were raised over loudspeakers.

Then, as the experimenters intended, they were kept completely silent while tuned in to talk to others who already knew the answer. The study was amazing, regardless of whether it was the noosphere or agents of the universal mind.

Participants, in an altered state of consciousness, recorded the information received on a sheet of paper without saying a word. All, without exception, showed the instructions given to them at the conclusion of the experiment.

It turns out that during the conversation, people learned more about humanity’s origins than just how it appeared on Earth.

Testimonies from the experiment revealed that humanity was initially created 40 million years ago.

It was a combination of 16 genomes from extinct Earth organisms. In the conditions that prevailed on our planet, these individuals, however, proved to be unviable.

a faulty creation

O controverso experimento de contato alienígena

The second attempt to build a man by technologically advanced extraterrestrials took place 14 million years ago. At that time, the entire globe was a single civilization, and humanity had created advanced technologies. There were no language or geographic barriers, and there was only one language spoken.

But it all came to a disastrous end when the invention of destructive machines destroyed civilization from within. Nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence were included in this. Consequently, the second creation attempt was unsuccessful.

We are currently on our third attempt. Five different human races were created by breeders. Later, incest led to an increase in its population.

Initial 25,000 years They helped with survival. They developed, shared cutting-edge knowledge and used self-defense to avert threats from outer space, conflict and epidemics.

The creators abandoned Earth once humanity had developed to a point where it could survive on its own. They keep an eye on us.

According to the experiment, creatures from the Orion constellation overcame various obstacles to develop our civilization.

They are still with us, in all places and forms of energetic substances, and it is they who have provided us with much of the knowledge that we currently possess.

The experiment produced strange details, to say the least. It is surprising that several people, who have never spoken to each other, have come to the same conclusion: have they really interacted with extraterrestrials?

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