‘Mysterious Alien Images’ and ‘Spaceship’ Found in Cave in Mexico

Local legend tells of a mysterious ‘spaceship’ that remains from ancient times somewhere near the three caves system between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico that a team of researchers discovered. decided to go to the area a few months ago to look. Learn more about this mysterious ‘spaceship’.

So far they have not found a ‘spaceship’ but during their research in one of the caves they found stone objects with images of what appeared to be alien spacecraft. Elves and aliens are carved in stone.

Engraved on one of the stones there is a suspicion of an alien standing next to a ruler of a pre-Hispanic culture. There are also symbols found that need to be decoded.

The researchers believe that the ‘jade’ stones engraved with extraterrestrial figures could be the ultimate evidence that the earth was visited by aliens thousands of years ago, moreover, mixing. Mixing of extraterrestrial and non-Earthic cultures on rock suggests that there is a connection between extraterrestrial and Mayan culture.

Image credit: diariocambio

One of the researchers, José Aguayo, admits that the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) cannot say anything about the find because there are images on the objects that contradict all the facts. what we are told about our history and origins.

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