Does the world elite already own human colonies on the Moon and Mars?

The global “Elite” may already have human colonies on the Moon and Mars
In an interview with the famous mystery program “Coast to Coast”, retired CIA pilot John Lear revealed such extraordinary things as secretly going to the moon since 1962, secret missions to go to Mars since 1966 and The NASA uses the technology of an alien spacecraft launched to Earth in 1953.

John Lear was a captain in the US Air Force and a retired CIA pilot; son of the inventor of the Lear Jet, an engine. He flew more than 150 test aircraft.

18 world speed records. In the 1980s and 1990s, he began leaking classified information through speeches. Here are some facts from an interview published on the Coast to Coast Am radio show:

“In 1953, an alien spacecraft crashed and was captured by the military (named EBE 3 – Joe Road, also identified by Dan Burisch) who helped the US government Air Force build spaceships using alien technology” .

“In 1962 we had vehicles like the ET vehicle that couldn’t travel faster than light, but it was fast enough to get to the moon in 60 minutes. They could make regular trips to Mars in 1966,” Lear said.

“Mercury, Apollo and all the other space missions were there to distract people from what we were really doing. They were building all kinds of structures for human colonies on the moon, but nobody knew about it.

“All personnel, service members and personnel involved in missions to the Moon and Mars were and are classified Space Top Secret.”

The United States landed on Mars in 1966 and since then they have explored most of the planets in our solar system and have since found life very similar to ours on other planets (other confirmed sources are David Wilcock and Henry Deacon).

You can see a city, a space base, pipelines, roads, vegetation, air, an atmosphere with 66% gravity compared to Earth, lights, mining operations, and nuclear reactors.

For this, extraterrestrial cooperation was required, as many structures existed on the moon before the operation began. I’ve been doing that for the last 40 years.

John’s father was involved in antigravity technology projects in the mid-1950s, which are top secret today. According to John Lear’s sources, the United States government did three things:

1. We went to the moon since 1962.

2. The population of Mars is about 600 million in human colonies.

3. He worked with some of the mining equipment he had to go to the moon, he said, “John, we built it in Alabama, it was so big that when we finished the project, I took a little plane and flew over this piece of equipment to have an idea of ​​how big it was.

Some researchers are convinced that the United States and other world powers are equipped with warp strippers and are traveling in space.

“These nations with space fleets have created a kind of holographic shield around the moon to prevent anyone from seeing what is hidden in space.”

“They keep humans enslaved on Earth, a kind of planetary prison. No one in the global elite wants to find out the truth, whoppers. It sprays the sky with chemicals so no one can see what is hidden in the sky and space.”

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