Alien base? They capture UFOs coming out of a lunar crater

One of the most startling proofs of the “existence of active alien intelligence” was discovered in a lunar crater in September 2012.

Base alienígena

An amateur astronomer observed several objects that day leaving the same Aristarchus crater quickly and heading straight into space using a personal telescope.

Proving unequivocally that “something unusual” is indeed taking place on the Moon, this text is impressive.

Events have been observed in the same crater, Aristarchus, that support the potential presence of a base there.

On March 27, 2001, a video taken with a personal telescope was also released. It shows two objects exiting the crater and traveling in an unidentified direction into space.

These two UFOs physically emerge from the same spot in the crater and take off at high speed.

This may be among the most convincing and significant pieces of evidence that conclusively demonstrate the existence of anything beneath the ground in this crater, possibly an alien base.

An amateur astronomer from the city of Buenos Aires focused his telescope on the Aristarco crater area on July 29, 2017, and at that exact moment, a large object emerged from the center of the crater, although there is much more evidence of strange objects captured by amateurs and material. NASA official.

The enigmatic UFO appears to be hovering over the crater floor and is starting to come out smoothly. Could what we’re seeing be a living thing?

As there is now no known electricity in the world, it is possible from the photographs that we can see below that there is some sort of underground base of non-human origin below the surface. on the moon with a basis of these qualities.

Is it therefore feasible that a culture from another planet has been present here for a long time and is now watching us? Is it conceivable that the base is to blame for the current sightings?

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