“Triangular UFO”: A terrestrial or extraterrestrial ship?

Considered the most famous unidentified flying object in the ufological realm, the Triangular UFO has already been sighted all over the world. There are sightings of the Triangular UFO all over the world

Its frequent sighting worldwide, has given rise to consider that when it comes to UFO, it does not necessarily have to be of extraterrestrial origin. That is the case of the triangular UFO.

There is so much evidence on this unidentified flying object that the theory that it is a government aircraft is a fact.

The evidence of the triangular UFO

Among one of the most controversial videos recently captured is that of a driver returning from work.

Despite the fact that the video was recorded through a cell phone, it has been one of the best videos of a triangular UFO.

The surprised man reviewing the recording of him knew that it was something unusual, so he decided to upload it to the Internet immediately.

Unsurprisingly, the video received millions of likes, comments, and reactions. In the images you can clearly see a shiny triangular shaped object.

The witness sent the video anonymously to The Daily Star, where it also became quite viral.

Several of the comments from viewers suggest that it looks like a TR-3B surveillance plane, with the circles under each corner of the triangle. This comment was highly supported by the rest of the community.

Another user commented that he remembered helping to make these ships at a secret government base. Specifically during the 60s.

Other evidence of the triangular UFO are those that were reported in Antelope Valley, a desert area in southern California.

This area of ​​the desert is often visited by researchers and theorists, extraterrestrials, UFOs and other paranormal events. It is believed that this was where the “Black Project” of the United States Armed Forces took place.

Is it a terrestrial or alien ship?

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