Two unidentified objects captured on film in the skies over San Diego

What are these objects? Image credit: Twitter/magot_e_dead

The video shared on Twitter has already been featured in various media.

The interesting video was shared on October 17 by a Twitter user by the nickname “@magot and dead”. It appears to show two light objects moving together across the California sky.

Wow, what is this, man? There is a woman’s voice speaking.

As the video continues, the objects temporarily disappear behind some clouds before falling below them, stopping for a moment and then continuing to descend.

The video immediately attracted a lot of attention, and reporters from NBC News and WSVN 7 expressed interest in covering it for their respective news organizations.

The video was also featured in international media, including the UK’s Daily Mirror.

But what does it really show?

Some Twitter users immediately assumed the objects were aliens, but others – including the woman who posted the video – suggested they could be flares.

The fact that objects appear to be constantly dropping in altitude lends credence to this theory.

Check out the video below, what do you believe it indicates, in your opinion?

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