A guy from Yorkshire claims he has been abducted by aliens ‘at least 60 times’

A Yorkshire man has spoken out about his decades-long contacts with ‘alien’ creatures.

Russ Kellett, 58, a from Bradford who now resides in Filey, located in North Yorkshire, has chronicled multiple occurrences over the years during which he claims an extraterrestrial species abducted him to participate in a galactic battle.

He claims to have seen alien aliens and even saw pop sensation Robbie Williams on an alien spaceship. According to the Daily Star, Mr. Kellett claims he underwent surgical treatments performed by these very high invaders.

Drawing of extraterrestrial being seen by Russ Kellett

He admitted to being kidnapped around 60 times, initially this happened when he was only 16 and riding his motorcycle home. During that near encounter, he claims to have gone down a tunnel and finished up in a place that looked like a dental operation, complete with 15-foot-tall extraterrestrials. He explains they look like Dracula but without the fangs.

He also claimed to have had a tube inserted down his neck, and that whatever substance they injected into him transformed him into one of their super troops.

For the last 30 years, he has served in their army, going against their aggressors, the ‘Dragos,’ who are towering and scaly with dragon heads. He stated he’s been gone for a long time, and no one realizes it since 4 hours here equals 4 years on one of the worlds he’s visited.”

Mr. Kellett claims to have engaged in conflicts in South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, as well as battles for “intergalactic territories.” He’s drawn some pictures of some of the extraterrestrials he has met.

He claims he has told his story to other people who have been abducted, who have informed him the very same thing occurred to them. He told YorkshireLive about his first experience when he was just four years old and living in Girlington, Bradford. He claims to have seen a man in a ‘helmet and a space suit’ in the back garden of the family’s Kensington Street house.

He said he couldn’t believe that the alien was going through his yard. He waved, and the alien raised his hand. There was a silvery item that he mistook for a trash can. He was walking behind it when it shook and rose.

At that time, this Yorkshire man didn’t reveal to anyone what he witnessed, but he has now exposed everything in his new book, ‘Russell Kellett is E.T. Rider.’

The book, he claims, is about his meetings with “alien ships” and alien abductions throughout his life.

He claims that when he was approximately 12 years old, he ‘lost’ many hours while playing by himself near a wooded area off Fairbank Road in Bradford. After seeing a ‘light in the sky,’ everything went dark as powerful gusts began to shake the trees.

He said that the experience was quite strange and somewhat terrifying.

He thinks the lights he saw were from a ‘spacecraft.’

Russ Kellett claims he was abducted by aliens while riding his motorbike near Bingley, West Yorkshire

He claims that he was taken by extraterrestrials while going on his motorcycle some years later. He believes he was taken by aliens to become a fighter in a conflict involving many extraterrestrial species.

Mr. Kellett made news in 2020 after claiming to have seen musician Robbie Williams onboard a spacecraft in 1999. Mr. Kellett claimed that Robbie W. was a member of his “military force.”

Later on, Daily Star reported that Robbie did not dispute the claim, but instead stated, “No comment.”

Mr. Kellett says that his journeys resemble the narrative of a science fiction film.

He admits that the plot sounds like a sci-fi film, and some journalists assume that the entire story is based on a film. Mr. Kellett described his situation as a living nightmare.

Mr. Kellett alleged that some members in the unidentified flying object world were merely interested in making money. But he preferred the truth to the falsehoods that others were saying.

“A man’s story of many near encounters with extraterrestrial spaceships and kidnappings by an alien species,” according to the book’s blurb. Taken into a military unit by a group of aliens and educated to battle as a super-soldier against their adversaries on our planet and many others in our cosmos. Coming to deal with flashbacks of an alien world, as well as fighting other alien races and human races on Earth.”

Mr. Kellett’s second book, The Berwyn Mountains UFO Cover-Up – Alien Invasion Wales, examines the events of January 23, 1974.

According to Mr. Kellett, five guys came across a landing craft and aliens. The troops who had surrounded them had forced them forward.

Mr. Kellett claimed to have worked on the matter for many years and to have access to a number of government logs. Eyewitnesses of the Welsh Roswell event reported hearing a loud smashing sound and running outside to see dazzling lights in the sky.

The 1974 episode was explained by a powerful earth tremor that corresponded with a meteor burning up in the atmosphere, according to National Archives papers from 2010. The official response did not satisfy many individuals. One person noted in the files, “That ’something’ got down in the Berwyn Mountains that evening, I am certain.”

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