UFO Brazil incident: Controversy on the net for some “filtered photos”

The incident involving alien contact in Varginha, Brazil is arguably the most similar to the Roswell incident.

Incidente UFO Brasil: Polêmica na rede por algumas "fotos filtradas"

This occurrence, in which numerous witnesses reported seeing aliens who were later captured by the military and denied by the government, is well known in Brazil and in the world.

Findings by Brazilian ufologists indicate that the two beings captured in Varginha (one dead and one alive) were sent to the United States. This situation is really incredible.

January 20, 1996A call is made to the fire department.

On January 20, 1996, at eight in the morning, an unidentified caller called the Varginha Fire Department in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Firefighters were asked to investigate a bizarre creature that had been seen in a park in the Jardim Andere neighborhood, in the north zone.

Firefighters arrived at Jardim Andere to search the park two hours later. They brought the necessary tools, including cages and nets, as they hoped to find a wild animal.

A five-foot-tall, bipedal creature with red eyes and oily brown skin whispered in front of them.

The monster, according to witnesses, had a small opening on its face that appeared to be a mouth and three bumps on its forehead. They added that she made a strange noise, similar to the buzzing of bees, and appeared to be injured.

The expedition leader called the nearest military post after the creature was apprehended by firefighters.

General Sergio Coelho Lima, commander of the base, immediately ordered his forces to surround the park.

The monster, according to the same witnesses, would have had three fingers and three pimples on its forehead. He had no genitalia, nipples or navel.

His skin matched the first descriptions: it was brown in color and oily in texture, and he appeared to have damaged joints in his wrinkled legs.

José Enrique, a construction worker who saw the event from the roof of a neighbor’s house near the park, later informed investigators that four firefighters had captured the animal in their nets, trapped it in a bush and then turned it over to the military.

Incidente UFO Brasil: Polêmica na rede por algumas "fotos filtradas"

Rodrigues spoke to the three girls who claimed to have seen a creature crouching against a structure in Jardim Andere around 3pm after receiving a series of phone calls that led to their claims (near where the first creature was captured).

Rodrigues was told by the girls that the animal had three lumps on its forehead and looked like “the devil”.

They fled home in fear after the meeting and told two of their mothers what had happened.

Fearful neighbors alerted firefighters and military personnel about the second animal, while the other appeared to be injured.

A large crowd gathered in the street to watch soldiers and firefighters capture the entity before it disappeared.

Police officer Marco Eli Chereze died in a nearby hospital two days later.

His cause of death was officially listed as pneumonia, but when his family asked for more details, medical professionals refused to provide them.

The exact cause of death for the young policeman, who was just 23 years old, his wife was already pregnant at the time and they were expecting twins, has never been known.

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries surrounding the Varginha case is the death of Chereze. But where did the impact come from if there was an accident?

Pacaccini claims there is an official cover-up and that the military covered up his remains.

Pacaccini found that military personnel who mention his name face the possibility of spending ten days in custody after receiving multiple anonymous death threats over the phone.

Undoubtedly, something exceptional occurred on January 20, 1996, but there are still many unresolved issues.

What happened to the original animal? What findings emerged from the autopsy of the second creature?

And if they were aliens, where is their spaceship and how did they get there?

The “Varginha Case” inquiry is far from over, but it has grown to become one of the most significant in the field of ufology and UFO encounters.

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