UFO Sighting: Massive Unidentified Space Wheel Found Passing Our Solar System

UFO sightings are becoming more and more frequent. Other than the several UFOs we found on Earth; we also found a few Unidentified flying objects passing through our solar system. First, we saw the Oumuamua, a gigantic cigar-like UFO from a faraway galaxy. Now, we saw a massive space wheel moving at unbelievable speeds.

This UFO sighting was unexpected. This object’s size was immense, but it still passed by us at tremendous speeds.

NASA filmed what seems to be a gigantic and unexplained wheel-like object. This may appear as something directly from science fiction, but it is real. And it is something we need to investigate. If our experts and scientists ignore this space wheel, it could devastate Earth and humanity.

1 UFO Sighting Massive Unidentified Space Wheel Found Passing Our Solar System

The video proving this UFO sighting was filmed by a NASA satellite. And based on the image above, it is not an asteroid. The structure of the object is far too complicated for that.

From this image, you can’t easily determine this object’s size. But every calculation on its size suggests that the object is larger than our planet.

However, its size isn’t the most remarkable thing about it. The object’s level of intricacy and structure is what got people’s attention. No one can explain why it was fashioned like a massive space wheel, but one could speculate.

It passed by the Sun much quicker than we know possible. This cemented the idea that this is an extraterrestrial object. While it is possible for it to pass at a slower speed, even then, it could still do significant damage to the Sun’s surface if it wanted to. And if it did, the damage and devastation could also reach us.

Other than this video, we know nothing about this massive space-traveling wheel. But, in an attempt to ease the public’s concerns, NASA immediately announced that the satellite that found it experienced several failures while the video was being recorded.

Dubbed the “Ezekiel’s Wheel,” this UFO is now a subject of several discussions. You can watch this video if you want to learn more about it.

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