Bizarre “Pyramid” Flying Object Recorded in South Africa

The following pictures were taken by a resident of the small town of Clarence, located in the Republic of South Africa.

The anonymous man said that he was just walking along the outskirts of his city, and since he had nothing else to do, he decided to took a picture of a mountainous area without noticing absolutely nothing strange.

When he got home, the man threw the picture on the computer and examined it on the monitor. It was at that moment when the African noticed that the picture he had taken was very unusual. It turned out that a triangular object was hanging up in the air, hovering over the nearest mountain.

As you can see, it looks like a prefect pyramid. Half of the pyramid is illuminated by the sun while the other half is shaded. According to author, it could not be a cloud since there were no clouds in the sky that day. The more you zoom up the picture, the better you can see the perfectly triangular shape of the object.

The man decided to post the picture on the internet hoping that some experts could provide some logical explanation to it and resolve his doubts.

However no one came up with an answer and until now no one really knows the nature of that strange object.


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