Infrared Camera Captures a Real Abduction in the UK

Defense expert Nick Pope has shared a vision of a strange phenomenon. Where you can see how a woman disappears from her bed, while the camera installed in the room recorded everything that happened. Infrared Camera Captures a Real Abduction in the UK

A former British defense chief has said the video allegedly shows the kidnapping of a Midlands woman. Although it could be real, he said that, if so, it would be something downright creepy ». But the comments surrounding this event are many. Since others think that these are supernatural facts. In fact, they were based on the time, and they said that the exact time that the video was shot is now a very sensitive one. In which many paranormal events of evil beings that live in our own spiritual plane occur.

Video review on the abduction of Droitwich, Worcestershire
Nick Pope, who worked in the now defunct UFO office at the Ministry of Defense (MoD). He said he met the couple who took the video “briefly” in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Footage of the incident, captured in 2010, went viral last year, after BirminghamLive posted the clip obtained by the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG).

Exjefe de Defensa del Reino Unido: Video de abducción alienígena podría ser 'broma o realmente aterrador' (video)

In the video you can see how the woman “dematerializes” under her sheets and suddenly reappears 12.5 minutes later. It is somewhat strange, many Internet users commented, since the abduction records that exist are very different. Oh at least that’s what people who have been abducted say. For example, in the case of Travis Walton and Berney and Betty Hill.

But the difference is that this case was recorded by the lens of a camera. The grisly incident was captured with an installed infrared camera after she complained to her husband. Since according to the woman, she had had two kidnapping experiences in the previous two weeks. So BUFOG principal investigator Dave Hodrien analyzed the images very carefully. And he concluded in a report that appeared to be real and not an intentional hoax. But the question is? Is this an abduction oh a paranormal phenomenon.

Manipulation of evidence
The researcher suggests that if he had the images where he was working at the time. In addition to the accesses to the camera equipment, he could have obtained a more adequate scientific analysis. Since he would have been able to use the image analysis resources and skills of the intelligence community. That would have quickly told me if the images were real or fake.” But even if, to the best of his knowledge, I don’t rule out the fact that the video is real. Since I do not notice any type of editing, or alteration in the video.

Pope also investigated reports of UFO sightings at the Department of Defense. And he said that he was contacted by people about “alien abductions.” It is an issue that must be “treated with care” because of the risk of “political embarrassment,” he said. He went on to say: “Although alien abductions were not formally included in our report for the UFO project. One cannot study UFOs without becoming involved in the alien abduction debate.

People have contacted us about abductions and other so-called alien contact experiences, but I had to proceed with caution because it has been Department of Defense policy for decades to minimize our interest and involvement in the UFO phenomenon. “So being too involved in the kidnapping investigation could have resulted in extreme political embarrassment if it were found out.” However, he had some ideas: Blood and DNA testing of abductees would have been a good start, in a double-blind study with a control group of people who had no such experiences.

The West Midlands UFO Incident.
We could even have hired the SAS to covertly monitor hostages’ homes and disguise it as a training exercise. But the risk of disclosure was too great.”

Video: Droitwich Bedroom Abduction Video.

Pope said that one of the most notable UFO incidents he investigated while working at the Ministry of Defense took place in the West Midlands. Dubbed the Cosford Incident, it occurred in 1994 over RAF Cosford. An air force base near Wolverhampton in Shropshire, where a Ministry of Defense police patrol reported seeing lights overhead. Mr. Pope’s last position in the Department of Defense was the Defense Security Directorate. While the UFO Desk was closed in 2009 because it had not received any reports suggesting a military threat in 50 years.

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