Former Area 51 Agent Confesses He Actually Flew In A UFO And Time Traveled

Robert Miller worked at Area 51 and is known for his UFO investigations as well as being recruited by the US government.
According to Miller, he had the opportunity to operate an alien ship using the power of his thoughts and even time travel.

Miller ultimately decided to tell the world about his experiences because he felt bad about not telling the world the truth about all the UFO experiments and tests that the government, particularly the American government, had been hiding for decades.
He claimed that the ship he had piloted could only be activated by the power of the mind. You must imagine that you are part of the ship and that you are floating, he says.

He passed out on the floor after the incident, and the next thing he knew he was in a hospital, and a man came up to him and described what had happened.
The ship landed and abruptly disappeared. They heard a huge explosion in the middle of the night and the ship crashed in the same place.
Scientists theorized that the ship had traveled through time.
Do you think the government is hiding critical information? And if that is the case, why?

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