Secret hangar on Mount Adams, human or alien?

Once again, UFOs are in the news in the United States and this time in Washington, where one of the most striking and interesting events has occurred for lovers of beings from other planets, and that is that days ago on Mount Adams a large hole was opened through which unidentified flying objects left and entered, which stuns the neurons of the experts generating many questions.

Not another George Lucas movie

Although it seems like a scene from a movie, the event that occurred in Mt. Adams is a finding that brings humanity a little closer to the truth, given that Mount Adams is an inactive volcano, the situation lends itself to giving credibility to the theories that place the beings from other planets living in the center of our planet, or maybe some military conspiracy that uses extraterrestrial technology.

Open sesame, close sesame

As in the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves , the great hole that appeared in Mount Adams suddenly closed without leaving any traces that something was hidden within the mountainous area, leaving as the only evidence the testimonies of those who witnessed the possible existence of a UFO hangar that, although difficult to prove, is one of the few facts sighted by large groups of people.

Neighbor’s technology

A large 150×45 meter hole in a mountain range that appears and disappears without a trace, allowing UFOs to emerge from the center of the earth, or from a hidden hangar? Another resounding proof that human technology is still Far from reaching alien ingenuity, experts should learn a bit more from filmmakers who have used these ideas before.

UFOs and their strange preference for the United States only creates speculation about issues that have been discussed since the Roswell case, because have beings from other planets been persecuted? Or does the search for the truth follow a trail of lies behind the military with stolen technology?

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