Himalayan villagers claim to have seen alien spacecraft in glaciers

Himalayan villagers have claimed that they often see unknown craft in these mountains. As they narrate, the ships enter enormous underground caves. The caves are so gigantic that they have only come to think that they are not built by humans. Since there are many obstacles for a human to get there. Himalayan villagers claim to have seen alien spacecraft in glaciers

The sightings have occurred in ¨Arunachal Pradesh¨, it is an Indian state with an area of ​​83,743 km² and 1.4 million inhabitants. It is a disputed territory bordering Bhutan and Myanmar, which is claimed by China. Villagers from the small settlement of Himachal Pradesh, in this Himalayan region of northern India. They say that UFO sightings are so common there that strange light phenomena can be seen day and night, day and night.

Himalayan Villager Says They Can See Alien Spaceships Very Often
All these light phenomena circulate and disappear around the mighty Himalayan glaciers at all times. It is as if they are looking for something or hiding something there. The locals of this Indian town are convinced that aliens have built a gigantic underground base in these glaciers. Because they keep noticing how the UFOs in the mountains just disappear, as if they fly to a secret entrance in the mountains.

Apparitions in Himachal Pradesh can be observed since October 2004 and eyewitnesses report apparitions of massive cylindrical shaped flying objects, they also saw smaller flying discs made of cloudy silvery metal. But also a large number of smaller disk-shaped discs, which fly towards the glaciers of China in the north, which are located in the immediate vicinity, only about 40 kilometers from the Indo-Chinese border. These flying discs always light up in brilliant red and gold hues at night.

Ovnis cerca del Himalaya

Locals report that the Indian Army presence there is increasing as more and more anomalous activities come to light and can no longer be easily denied. These activities are now so common that they are already being performed on a daily basis. Eerie light phenomena repeatedly disrupt air traffic there, especially helicopters. More and more children draw pictures of disc-shaped flying discs silently soaring through the sky, or floating in complete silence over the towering peaks of the Himalayan mountains, completely still.

Indian State Air Force Report
Some Indian Air Force fighter pilots report flying objects that seem to follow them in the sky and then suddenly disappear into nothingness. Apparitions are particularly common where the border between India and China is. Buddhist monks who are always on the go report that these apparitions began as early as 1998.

They believe that UFOs have a base station near Bodok because sightings are particularly common there. Arunachal Pradesh, in the no man’s land between India, China, former Burma and Bhutan, is the perfect place for extraterrestrial beings to hide. The area is inaccessible, sparsely populated and little known. However, the monks and the local population are convinced that in 7 years these beings will land on earth to contact them.

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Some Indian ufologists believe that the flying discs there, coming from the Sirius star system, will soon show themselves to humanity, and these ufologists believe that the ancient Mayans had already made this first contact in a prophecy hundreds of years ago. Of course, military pilots also speak in private about these strange phenomena that they can observe there every day, but for reasons of national security they are not allowed to speak about them in public.

Alien bases in the Himalayas
Rumor has it among these military pilots that there is ample evidence that aliens are excavating an underground base in the Himalayan mountains. And that this underground base is so big that it has different entrances, both from the sea and various entrances in the mountains.

HUGE BLACK SPOT ON A MOUNTAIN, GOOGLE EARTH. Himalayan villagers claim to have seen alien spacecraft in glaciers

Construction began several years ago, right there in the no man’s land between India and China. The military presence of both China and India is particularly high in this region. Why are so many soldiers needed in a sparsely populated region, where there are no extreme political groups and where independence movements are not recognized? The only thing this region is known for in the world is the famous Assam tea and the resident tigers… Military presence with heavier weapons to protect some tea plantations and some big cats? Certainly not.

But there was a surprising incident in a small lake on the border with China. This lake in the mountains threatened to overflow, the water rose so high. That the local population feared that the masses of water would flood their villages and destroy their crops, so they called the military and asked for help. The lake’s natural dam even threatened to overflow onto the Chinese side. But then something strange happened. When the military arrived in this region, the entire lake had disappeared, there was no water left… where did the water go so suddenly? And why did it get too high earlier?

According to theorists, the water was consumed by the underground caves of the place.
According to research, the water may have evaporated due to the collapse of some of the underground cave systems that exist deep within these glaciers. Since this is confirmed, the water rushed there oh maybe it was sucked up by the UFOs and taken to another place. It is what the locals say since they cannot find a way to explain that mysterious event. Their activity there can only have to do with the establishment of a gigantic underground base for the aliens.

But also on the Chinese side of the border, military activities are getting stronger, there is talk of large troop movements, all of which are moving towards the higher mountain regions of the Himalayas. Chinese UFO circles are certain that the visitors to this region come from a planet in the Canis Mayoris star system, more precisely from Sirius, which also corresponds to the Indian reports already mentioned.

sirius star system
The planet that surrounds Sirius is technologically advanced and its inhabitants are said to have been visiting Earth with their spaceships for a long time. Could it be that the people from Sirius plan to colonize planet Earth now? Could it be that they want to help us? To give us people the help that our elitist governments refuse to give us and that are actually misanthropic.

UFO over China – UFO Over China (06-10-2010)

Therefore, many people in this region are waiting for the arrival and final contact of these aliens. They long for that day, the day that will be celebrated in human history as liberation. The liberation from the tyranny of the elites, the day of independence of all humanity.

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