Video Proof: USAF Scientist Captured A Giant UFO Traveling At 29,000 Miles An Hour In 2008

Video proof: USAF scientist captured a giant UFO traveling at 29,000 miles per hour in 2008. A world-leading scientist and retired Boeing engineer, Frederick Portigal, claimed to have witnessed a shocking UFO incident. He claimed to have captured an unidentified object with a diameter of approx. 800 feet, allegedly flying at a speed of 29,000 miles per hour (48,000 km/h), with a specialized telescope. According to him, it was just one of the huge UFOs, of which many others have been recorded. According to Frederick Portigal, this is absolute proof that aliens are on Earth. (Video links are at the bottom of the article in the references as there was no embedding option)

The data obtained by Portigal has been confirmed as authentic by the US National Air and Space Intelligence Agency (NASIC). As for the scientist’s identity, then Twitter user “Think Tank” shared his conversation with Portigal where he confirmed that he had worked with the US government and was traveling with them on missions.

In addition, Portigal’s Linkedin profile says that he is an expert in analyzing hyperspectral images to solve environmental, geological, medical and military intelligence problems in UV, VNIR, SWIR and Long Wave.

“In my last position before retirement, I worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirkland Air Force Base as a Senior Research Physical Scientist in Albuquerque, New Mexico.” (LinkedIn says April 2011-present -KB).

Air Force Research Laboratory;

Directorate of Space Vehicles;

Battlespace Environment Division;

Battlespace Surveillance Information Center;

Spectral Surveillance Technologies Section.

My main research was to support the Hypertemporal Imager (HTI) space experiment. I invented a hypertemporal video detection algorithm to track from space through the sunlit cloud to the ground that has 10 times the s/n than the algorithm used in the space experiment.

Designed and developed the Hypertemporal Imaging Spectrometer (HTIS) to support the HTI Space Experiment and other exciting surveillance activities. The instrument consisted of two 10-inch telescopes, one for the two high-speed video cameras (VIS and SWIR) and one for the two imaging spectrometers (VIS and SWIR). Hypertemporal and spectral binoculars cost $750,000.

After I retired, the instrument went to NASIC and WPAFB for testing.

The real name of the HTIS was “Alien Hunting Binoculars”, designed based on my analysis of the telescope video of alien vehicles in the atmosphere. My agency AFRL/RVBYI knew about this but didn’t say anything because DIA and NASIC were interested in the project. Officially, the instrument was the Hypertemporal Imaging Spectrometer (HTIS) and not the Alien Hunting Binoculars (AHB).

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