A woman photographs an angel in London

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This is one of the great questions of our existence.
Skeptics say they are just fictional characters that emerged from Bible stories, but the reality is that many people around the world have reported personal encounters or sightings of beings they believe to be angels.

The enigmatic encounters range from the sensation of strong invisible arms to a comforting voice.

Sometimes their presence is felt by a warm and calm feeling, sometimes they can materialize in various ways in times of distress.

At least that is the testimony of many people who have claimed to have had encounters with angelic beings.

But sometimes these meetings can be photographed, appearing in strange images and in incomprehensible ways. And this is the case of an incredible photograph that caught the attention of the media and social networks.

the angel of london
The image shows an angelic figure posing in front of the camera.

Foto do Anjo de Londres

London Angel photo…
The extraordinary photograph was taken by Mirjeta Binoke, 38, from Greater London, England. Mirjeta was in the backyard with friends when she saw the moon flanked by four stars.

And she thought it would be a nice picture to show her friends, so she quickly went inside to look for her camera. But it was only after taking the picture that Mirjeta and her friends saw the amazing angelic figure surprised.

When we looked at the picture, we saw that figure there and everyone was really impressed by it.”

Mirjeta told the media.

My first thought was that it might be an animal like a dove, but everyone said it looked like an angelic being.”

According to express.co.uk, most surprising of all was that two days before photographing the angelic being, Mirjeta’s son told his parents that he had observed a strange, very bright white flash coming from the top of the house…

We didn’t believe him at first, but when we saw the strange figure in the photograph, it certainly made us think it could be a real angel.”

said Myrjeta.

So it’s a simple photographic anomaly?

London angel photography

After causing a great sensation in the media and on social networks, the image is being analyzed by some experts who are verifying the authenticity of the photograph.

As we mentioned earlier, the news has played an important role in the mainstream media, but as always no one will be able to determine if it really is a real angel, although at the moment no one has been able to determine if the image is “fake”.

And probably this image shows that some kind of benevolent entity takes care of us and protects us.

Is it a celestial sign or is it just a photographic anomaly?

Protective beings among us

É um sinal celestial ou é apenas uma anomalia fotográfica

While the sheer number of photographs of angels appears to be real proof of the existence of these divine spirit beings, some images can be explained as common anomalies created by cameras or the environment.

But it is also possible that angelic spirit beings manifest in photographs as balls of light called “orbs”, strange mists, ghostly apparitions, mysterious lights or even as signs within objects.

All this seems to indicate that protective beings are among us and, like the phenomenon experienced by the Binoke family, we may all be able to communicate with beings that protect us.

And you friend reader, do you believe that there is an angel taking care of you?


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