What Is Meant By The “Wheel In The Wheel” Of Ezekiel’s Vision Of Heavenly Chariots? – Ez 1, 16. VIMANA – Ofan – (Hebrew Wheel). The Space Ship Prophecy of Ezekiel?

You may already be familiar with the Swiss author and researcher Erich von Däniken, a proponent of the archeo-astronautic hypothesis of human history. By primarily using information from the Bible, his works have become international bestsellers and he has gained notoriety on a global scale. The Bible was written by a man who was both a true believer and also had a perspective on modern science and technology. Additionally, he cited Ezekiel’s prophecy, which describes the space ship’s design.

Ezekiel lived at the beginning of the 6th century before Christ and was the priest and the prophet. Däniken, as one of the first, pointed out that Ezekiel’s prophecy in the Old Testament is proof of the fact that in the ancient times the Earth visitors came to our Earth. According to Däniken, as well as other archeo-astronautics, Ezekiel does not talk to the Lord, but it is probably a meeting with the commander of an alien expedition. Many will think that it is enough for the hair, but everyone can find these passages in the Old Testament.

For example, the text of Ezekiel 1, 4-6 says this: “I also saw myself, from the north came the stormy wind, the great cloud, and the flaming fire around which was glowing, and from its midst – from the midst of the fire – somewhat like a glance of glossy metal. but they were four faces, and four wings: and their feet were straight, but the bottom of their feet like the bottom of the calf’s feet: the form of their faces was before the people, and the left, and the bullock, and the back of the eagle. These jagged beings moved in any direction without having to turn, and beside them there were four identical, strange wheels on the ground. ”

At that time, Ezekiel had no technical knowledge, and so he did not know, he had written in plain language so that his loved ones could imagine what he had actually seen and heard. The prophecy continues further, and is written as follows: “The wheel view and their assembly were like a look of chrysolite, all four had the same look, looked and were constructed as if the wheel was in the middle of the wheel. When they went, they went to their four sides, they did not go to move. “… and it goes even further.

Was that a description of a space ship?
Ezekiel’s entire prophecy was read in the early 1970s by NASA designer Josef Blumrich, who, according to him, drew up the whole body plan that the Ezekiel prophet saw.
Blumrich’s drawn plan was, for all archeo-astronauts, proof of extraterrestrial visits to our Earth. But Ezekiel’s prophecy went even further. It was particularly interested in the German engineer Hans Herbert Beier, who pointed out especially the passages where Ezekiel writes about a high-rise temple.

Beier, as described in this description, reconstructed the form of the launch ship ramp, which Ezekiel described. And it was here that it turned out that Blumrich’s model of a cosmic cone-shaped ship had fallen into the construction of a building that people perceived as a tabernacle meant to celebrate God. In fact, it was a long starter and landing.

Hans Herbert Beier wrote about this book, which is called Ezechiel Crown Witness. He described that the building had everything it needed to act as a starting and landing ramp. Our speech could be compared to Cape Canaveral, where NASA has a space rocket base.

But there’s a catch—nobody has yet discovered the location of this building or the site where its ruins are still visible. But if they were discovered, there would undoubtedly be additional technical infrastructure required to make a space ship land or perhaps take off. Ezekiel’s prophecy and archeo-astronautic evidence are the only sources of proof. However, these academics modify and merely see their theories as “pseudo-edu.”

Those who are correct will only come to light once the mentioned tabernacle’s riddle has been solved, which has luckily been discovered for the scientists but regrettably not for Däniken and others.

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