US has cloaked bomber jets made using alien technology, proves UFO hunter with picture

According to Waring, CIA, the civilian foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the US is involved in an alien coverup

Self-styled alien hunter Scot C Waring is now a very popular name among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. The conspiracy theorist, in his career that has been spanning over more than two decades, has spotted several anomalies on NASA images taken from Mars and the moon, which made many people believe that alien existence could be real. Even though followers of Waring are convinced about the findings made by Waring, skeptics have continuously dismissed it calling his discoveries classic cases of pareidolia.

Pareidolia and Waring’s discoveries

According to experts, pareidolia is a unique capability of the human brain to form recognisable images on unknown patterns. And now, Waring, after discovering an alien face on Pluto has claimed that his discoveries are not cases of pareidolia.

In the image shared on his website UFO Sightings Daily, Waring showed a seemingly creepy face craved on the surface of Pluto. The conspiracy theorist revealed that this discovery is concrete evidence of alien existence on Pluto.

The conspiracy theorist who is currently operating from Taiwan also made it clear that pareidolia is an agenda that is promoted by the CIA to hide information about alien life from the general public.

Waring’s outlandish theory about alien life on Pluto

Waring suggested that aliens could be living in advanced underground cities on Pluto, and claimed that the presence of alien face on the space body’s surface is actually a message from them.

“Some will claim its pareidolia…which is seeing faces which aren’t there. I call that fake news. The CIA has been trying to spread this misinformation to confuse and control what the public thinks about. They have been successful at spreading it, but I cannot be controlled by them. So today I will show you a face I discovered on Planet Pluto. The actual face of aliens that once claimed that planet as their own and may still be living under the surface in underground cities” wrote Waring on UFO Sightings Daily.

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