NASA claims CERES may be inhabited by aliens

NASA Discovery claims CERES may be inhabited by aliens

Ceres is a dwarf planet that makes up our solar system and the largest astronomical object in the asteroid belt. Ceres was discovered on January 1, 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi from the observatory in Palermo, Sicily, ITALY. This planet is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its diameter is approximately 945 km, which makes it the thirty-third largest known object in the solar system.

Planeta Ceres Janan

NASA Scientists Discover Mysterious Glows in Waxes
NASA’s Dawn probe entered Ceres’ orbit on March 6, 2015. And photography began in January, as the spacecraft approached the dwarf planet. NASA obtained images with a resolution never before achieved. On which a cratered surface was shown. Two different bright spots within the crater and images with possible volcanic origin, as well as ice and salts. During this process, NASA was able to take many pictures where the necessary evidence was gathered to suspect that this planet is inhabited by extraterrestrials.

As misteriosas ceres brilham, o planeta Janan
Ceres is a dwarf planet that could host alien life

Although it could have been an inhabited planet, some scientific studies claim that ceres. It is too small to be considered a true planet. However, it was listed as a planet after its discovery in 1801, until the 1950s, when other similar objects were discovered in the same region of space, hence Ceres along with the other bodies were called the asteroid belt.

Could extraterrestrial life exist on the planet Ceres?
Many scientists have come to think that the beings were part of an ancient destroyed planet called Phaethon. Because of its characteristics it is believed that it is a planet under construction. However, its formation was never completed, as Ceres has an area equivalent to that of Argentina. Despite its small dimensions, it is in hydrostatic equilibrium, presenting, therefore, an almost spherical shape.

Ceres o planeta anão

NASA Discovery Claims Ceres May Be Inhabited by an Alien
NASA probes stopped working on the planet Ceres in 2018. When it ran out of fuel, until then scientists had been collecting the data and recently an amazing discovery was discovered. The stains first seen in photos taken in 2015 are actually sodium carbonate. This can be seen commonly in evaporated seas. At only two million years old, in addition to a 40 km deep seawater seepage to the surface of the planet Ceres was also discovered. Which shows that Ceres is an oceanic planet and could finally have been inhabited.


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