NATIVE AMERICANS: Speak of the “Peoples of the Stars” who Came Down from Heaven to Share Their Wisdom with the Inhabitants of Earth

Prior to the relentless conquest of the Americas by European kidnappers there were several cultures in these areas that did not share the colonialist beliefs but instead possessed unique belief systems and valuable ancient knowledge. Much of this information was eradicated by the colonialists of that era but various ideologies have been fortunate to stand the test of time and now offer bewildering insights as these ancient concepts contradict the established Western paradigm.

The surviving tribes speak of the “Peoples of the Stars”, a term that refers to various beings of supernatural origins who at a given time descended from heaven to share some of their wisdom with the first inhabitants of Earth worthy of their “gifts” of knowledge.

The ancestors who come from the Pleiades

These shy populations established contacts with several species of very advanced extraterrestrials, proof of what lies behind the multitude of myths that describe such encounters. Although disconnected from millenary periods, the ancient cultures of the Americas speak of flying objects and technologies so advanced that they can be confused with magic. The narratives of Native American tribes are particularly exuberant in detail.

The Hopi Indians know that they owe much of their cultural heritage to their ancestors who came from the Pleiades and much of their lifestyle seems analogous to the described attitude of these aliens. Does this prove the origin that myths have more truth than fiction? It could very well be the case. The Dakota people allude to the same group of stars from which their ancestors came.

Celestial Entities are often seen as Spheres of Light

Not far from them the Cree people, or rather Nehiyaw believe that at some point in remote history their founding fathers descended from the stars precisely in spirit form and later materialized in human beings. The natives of the Lakota speak of mystical celestial entities that developed energy shields around them whenever they transcend into the material world. They were often seen as luminous spheres of light and would sometimes adopt gifted children to travel with them through the cosmos.

The whole concept of alien visitors is by no means new or unfamiliar to Native Americans, but they perceive this matter from a more spiritual point of view than we Westerners.

Cree of Plains native author Stephane Wuttunee explains this in more depth in an article published in UFO Magazine. The tensions experienced by the people of the Wuttunee community allowed him to hear the stories of the elders which included information that was passed down from generation to generation.
The stories often recalled “distant relationships and stellar people living among the stars” who established contacts with their tribe. So could Wuttunee\’s words be the product of our modern understanding of extraterrestrials combined with the imaginative nature of their ancestors\’ tales? It may be but the fact that Native Americans talked about “flying shields” always spoke in favor of another reality.

Before the UFO phenomenon became a widespread media phenomenon a mystic named Oglala Sioux known as Black Moose (1863/1950) who had sailed along Buffalo Bill during his Wild West Show painted one of his UFO encounters showing that such encounters were not just an isolated event but were instead integrated into American Indian life and culture.

“This uprooting phenomenon that humans are now experiencing is the exact reason why it has become so difficult to maintain connection with the Star People”

It cannot be denied that all Native American tribes maintain a strong bond with Mother Earth. They refer to themselves as the “original guardians” of Earth and doom the western path to inevitable destruction. According to them the link between this planet and its children has been severely severed and this uprooting phenomenon that humans are now experiencing is the exact reason why it has become so difficult to maintain the connection with the Star People.

At the same time they offer a key to unlock this ancient and sacred union between the ETs and us. It comes in the form of a global awakening a shift in consciousness that would once again make us worthy to be joined by these advanced spiritual beings.

This may seem tempting and somewhat realistic in the future but I fear that all creatures on Earth are in the same boat and that everything that is happening now is a reason to serve everyone as a one-way ticket to the darkness of space. curated by White Wolf

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