Scientists claim to have seen thousands of mushrooms on Mars

A study report published in the journal Astrobiology and Space Science claims to have discovered fungi on the surface of Mars.
The study report states that the mushroom-shaped objects can be seen facing the sky.

“There are no abiogenic processes that can make sense of fungal morphology, size, hues, and direction and development of, and no terrestrial geographic arrangements that resemble, these fungal-liquid examples,” reads the theoretical review that is distributed in Research Gate.

“Although the creators have not proven that these are living creatures, the evidence supports speculation that fungi, green growth, lichens, parasites and related life forms could have colonized the Red Planet and could be involved in the destruction of the Red Planet.” Photosynthetic action and the creation of oxygen on Mars”.

Analysts accept that the alleged living creatures are displaying average behavioral forms of the fungi that develop on the planet. Jim Green, the principal investigator of NASA, accepts that living beings will be found on Mars in 2023.

Green is one of the key players in NASA\’s mission that will begin drilling into the Martian surface in 2020. NASA\’s Mars 2020 Rover will collect evidence from Mars, and the tests will be completed in 2023, Green predicts.

Green predicts that the specimen tests will provide crucial insights into the presence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The revelation of the other\’s life could be progressive and will open a new line of thought, says Green.

The findings are not conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life, but can be considered a springboard for future research.

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