Someone Else Is On The Moon: NASA Has Kept A Secret For An Entire Generation

Since ancient times, people have studied the Moon with the eye of a researcher in hopes of seeing something unusual, supernatural. What awaited a man on the moon in the early 60s of the last century was contained in the so-called Brookings Report.

In this work, in fact, the discovery of evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization on the moon was predicted.

There was the prospect of mastering the scientific and technological achievements of an extraterrestrial civilization that was on the moon.

In 1977 a book was published in the UK by George Leonard: “Somebody Else Is on the Moon”. Who is hiding under the alias of G. Leonard? It is unknown.

In any case, this is a well-informed person who managed to gain access to extensive information, including top secret.

Thirty-five photos each accompanied by a NASA code number, dozens of detailed drawings made by the author from high-quality NASA large-format photographs are published in this book, expert statements, and an extensive bibliography the reader to a startling conclusion: NASA and many world-famous scientists have known for many years that signs of intelligent life have been found on the Moon. But the information about it is carefully hidden.

The world community did not attach much importance to this book considering that the materials contained therein were unproven.

But at the beginning of 1996 sensational and fantastic information – on the Moon there are traces of the oldest and clearly extraterrestrial civilization was confirmed.

The news was announced in Washington at a press conference by Ken Johnston, former head of NASA’s Lunar Laboratory photo service, as well as several other former NASA engineers and scientists.

The main topic was “NASA’s cover-up of Apollo images showing ancient lunar ruins.

Ken Johnston told about what was carefully hidden from the world community for 40 years.

Astronauts on the Apollo missions discovered architectural and technological remains of an ancient civilization on the Moon and photographed them.

In addition, astronauts discovered a hitherto unknown technology to control gravity (perhaps they have mastered the technology of antigravity).

Ken Johnston recounted how his superiors at NASA ordered him to destroy these images during the Apollo program, but he kept them against orders.

Johnston showed the press some of these photos. They depict evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization. What did the frightened journalists see?

The footage showed the ruins of cities, huge spherical objects made of glass, stone towers and castles suspended in the air, and even the head of a robot.

According to Johnston the Americans brought to Earth something that NASA kept secret for a generation…

In fact, there have been several discoveries on the moon that have baffled geologists, including the discovery of an orange glass pyramid whose origin cannot yet be explained. There must have been something else found that we don’t know about.

After this conference, other whistleblowers in NASA’s ranks posted many of the same revealing lunar images on various Space Agency websites. These are high resolution photos.

Thanks to the Internet, people all over the world, including ordinary citizens, were able to view these amazing photos completely unhindered.

Has NASA been hiding the real moon all this time?

Following this sensational press conference came an interview with NASA consultant, founder and chief researcher of the Enterprise Mission organization, Richard Hoagland (he served as science consultant for CBS News at NASA’s Jet Engine Laboratory during the Apollo 11 mission) .

It was he along with Johnston who released this secret data. Here’s your take on the discovered civilization:

“I believe the Apollo project confirmed the existence of an incredible, ancient but still human civilization on the moon. Our ancestors laid him down it’s scary to think on which knee.

But we managed to disclose only a small part of the information that NASA received about an ancient human civilization long lost, which indicates that man once inhabited the entire Solar System.

This is evidenced by data obtained from Mars they are also classified by NASA. Are you asking if the ruins of the “new Atlantis” were found on the moon? Well to start I think it would be more correct to say “old Atlantis”.

The advanced science of this civilization made it possible to travel from Earth to the Moon thousands (or even millions) of years ago and build structures with a material that resembles glass. This can be judged from the published materials.

After all, there is an ancient Egyptian myth about the god of wisdom, Thoth, who supposedly came down from the Moon and taught man language, writing, architecture, and so on.

Strange object on the moon

Confirming the veracity of the theory of the existence of a civilization on the Moon or refuting it is only possible together by combining the efforts of several countries. It is necessary to go to the moon as a joint expedition.

What technologies were used on the moon?

Johnston and Hoagland wrote and published the book “Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA”, trying to present to the entire world the real story that awaits everyone on the Moon.

They write that some of the technologies found on the Moon indicate a high level of development in technical thinking.

The Soviet Union sent an all-terrain vehicle to the moon that also took pictures of an ancient civilization. But after a thorough analysis they were classified.

Thus information about the existence of ruins of buildings built by an extraterrestrial civilization, as well as technologies (and all this can be found not only on the Moon, but also on other worlds within the Solar System), was hidden not only by NASA, but also by the Soviet government.

There was even an effective dissemination of information, the opinion that Americans were never on the Moon and the episode with the landing of an American astronaut was simply – for example, filmed in a movie studio. This is a lie.

Based on NASA’s evidence and analysis the authors of the book are convinced that this rumor is actually deliberate “military disinformation”. It was designed to hide what NASA actually found on the Moon and brought back to Earth.

This was in July 1969, when the first astronauts were returning from the moon. Based on what they’ve seen with their own eyes, they’re pretty sure the beginning of this lie – “we never went to the moon” – was launched by NASA itself.

What did NASA actually find on the Moon?

It was a kind of insurance so that no one would ever ask the terrible question: “What did NASA really find on the Moon?”

The authors believe that the creation of the “moon myth” has given NASA confidence that it will continue to succeed in hiding everything related to the “failure” program to study the Moon.

Hide that astronauts were given secret missions to report all the priceless ancient extraterrestrial technologies, samples of which were found there.

Some researchers including Richard Hoagland believe that an alien race used the Moon as a transit base in the course of their activities on Earth. Their assumptions are confirmed in the legends and myths of different peoples on our planet.

Many kilometers of ruins of lunar cities, huge transparent domes on massive bases, various tunnels and other structures force scientists to reconsider their opinions about the problems associated with our natural satellite.

The origin of the Moon and the characteristics of its motion in relation to the Earth is another big question for science.

Some partially destroyed objects on the surface of the Moon cannot be attributed to natural geological formations. They have a complex organization and geometric structure.

In the upper part of the Rima Hadley area, near the Apollo 15 landing site, a structure surrounded by a high wall in the shape of the letter D.

There are currently 44 known areas of the Moon where various artifacts have been found. They are being studied by experts at the Space Information Bank Center, the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Planetary Institute in Houston.

In the area of ​​Tycho Crater mysterious terraces of rocky soil were discovered. The concentric hexagonal works and the presence of a tunnel entrance in the slope of the terrace are difficult to explain by natural geological processes.

It’s more like an open pit mining operation. In the area of ​​the Copernicus crater, a transparent dome is seen rising above the rim of the crater pit. The dome has a strange feature – it glows from the inside with a whitish-blue light.

At the top of the “Factory” area is a very unusual object, even by lunar standards. On a square base, surrounded by diamond-shaped walls, there is a well-known disk with about 50 meters in diameter with a dome on top.

To the side, the image shows a dark circular opening in the ground, similar to the entrance to an underground caponeira. Between the Copernicus crater and the “Factory” area there is a perfectly regular rectangular area of ​​300 x 400 meters.

Apollo 10 astronauts took a single image (AS10-32-4822) of a mile-wide object called “Castle” that sits at an altitude of 14 kilometers and casts a light shadow on the moon’s surface.

It looks like it consists of several cylindrical blocks and a large binding unit. One of the pictures of the hanging “Castle” shows its internal cellular structure, creating the impression of transparency of the individual blocks of the object.

During the presence of many NASA scientists it was discovered that when Richard Hoagland re-requested the original photos of the “Castle” in the NASA archive, they were not there. They even disappeared from the list of photographs taken by the Apollo 10 crew.

In the archive there are only intermediate photos of this object in which its internal structure is not visible

The crew of the “Apollo 12” after reaching the surface of the Moon suddenly discovered that their landing took place under the control of a translucent pyramid-shaped object.

It hung just a few feet above the moon’s surface, glowing with all the colors of the rainbow against the black velvet of the lunar “sky.”

In 1969, after watching a film of astronauts on their voyage to the Sea of ​​Storms, where they again managed to see these strange objects later called “striped glasses”, NASA finally evaluated the possible consequences of such control.

Astronaut Mitchell responding to a correspondent’s question, “How do you feel after a safe return?” said: “I still have a pain in my neck from having to constantly turn my head, because we literally felt like we weren’t alone there. I could only pray.”

Johnston, who worked at the Houston Space Center working with other experts to study photo and video information obtained during the implementation of the Apollo program.

Discussing lunar objects with Richard Hoagland, he noted that the NASA administration is very annoyed with such a large number of anomalous objects, to say the least, objects on the Moon.

The program was always teetering on the brink of canceling manned flights to the moon. The situation was also heated by the film of the Apollo 14 crew from which many fragments were cut.

Of particular interest to researchers are ancient structures that look like partially destroyed cities.

The orbital survey shows a surprisingly regular geometry of rectangular and square structures. From a height of 5 to 8 kilometers, they resemble the view of our cities.

One of the Mission Control experts commented on these images as follows:

“Our guys watching from orbit the ruins of ancient moon cities, transparent pyramids, domes and God knows what else now hidden in vaults not just from NASA. We feel like Robinson Crusoe, having stumbled across the footprints of bare human feet in the wet sand of an uninhabited island.”

What conclusions do geologists and planetary scientists reach when studying images of the ruins of lunar cities and other anomalous objects? In their opinion they cannot be natural formations.

“We must recognize its artificial origin. As for the domes and pyramids, even more so.”

The intelligent activity of an alien civilization has unexpectedly appeared close to us. Psychologically we weren’t prepared for this and even now many people find it difficult to understand.


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