Mysterious Spinning UFO Spotted In Poland – Ufologists Claim That The Pictures Are Genuine

A resident of a Polish hamlet was riding his bicycle through a woodland when he noticed a peculiar spinning top-shaped UFO that swooped so low that it brushed tree branches a few days ago.

He was able to get a few shots before the person vanished.

Philip Mantle, a British ufologist who just obtained unusual images of a UFO photographed in Poland, is convinced that everything is real, not a hoax or a natural occurrence.

In the images, an odd object flies above trees in a rural region at a very low altitude.

The item was captured in various locations in all of the images that made it into the press, as if it were actually filmed in motion. The snapshot depicts what seems to be a spinning top.

These images were shot by an unidentified Pole riding a bicycle near the hamlet of Jastrowo, near Warsaw, according to Mentl.

When an item collided with tree branches while in flight, it generated a rustling sound. Before the UFO vanished, the Man managed to capture five shots with his phone.

They images were quickly acquired by British ufologist Philip Mantle, who chose to notify media about them since “these are the greatest UFO photos he has seen in 40 years.”

The photographer was hesitant to reveal his identity and surname.

“Talking about UFOs in Poland means people will mistake you for a person with mental difficulties,” Bernatovich explains.

“I’ve been working on some supposed UFO photographs for years, and the majority of them were either fuzzy or phony.” “However, these photos are distinct,” Philip Mantle says.

Mantle emailed the photo to Jason Gleaves, a retired British Air Force officer who fancies himself a specialist in spotting bogus UFO photos. And Glives discovered that Polish photographs are quite likely to be genuine, since everything shows that they photographed some flуing item.

“I took a look at all five photographs and discovered that the object was traveling around 45 meters above the ground,” Cleves says.

Glives further examined the placement of the trees, their branches, the viewpoint of each shot, the position of the light, shadow, and other factors, all of which backed up his claim that the photographs were genuine.

“The item itself appeared to be metallic in build and appearance, with a large spherical base tapering to a height and ending in a spire.”

Due to the fact that the Sun was directly behind the photographer, the object’s shadow on the ground was not visible.

”Gleaves enlarged the photo pieces to examine whether there were any threads or other devices on which a UFO could hang if it was a hoax. And I couldn’t locate anything similar.

What are your thoughts on this incredible spinning top-shaped UFO sighting?

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