This Mysterious Toltec Face Was Discovered on Mars

Curiosity Rover’s new panoramic image, PIA17931, taken while observing a sand dune in NASA’s “Dingo Gap”, may have shown more than just a beautiful view of the Martian landscape.

In both images, an object that looks like a half-head protrudes from the Martian soil. The “face” has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, and is clearly humanoid in shape.

Surprisingly, Toltec culture seems to be represented by the face of Mars.

The Toltec culture is a Mesoamerican archaeological culture that ruled a state centered on Tula during the early postclassical era of Mesoamerican chronology (circa 800-1000 CE). Later, Aztec culture looked to the Toltecs as intellectual and spiritual ancestors.

When you combine this with what appears to be the base of an ancient building hidden in the sand and an ancient logogram or pictographic language embedded in the rock, you have convincing evidence that Mars once harbored life, probably thousands of years ago.

The remains of a statue, ancient structure, and logogram, in my opinion, are relics of an ancient civilization (possibly related to Toltec or Aztec culture), and NASA has remained silent as usual.

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