DR. ELLIS SILVER SAYS: «We were brought thousands of years ago by another race»

For a long time, humans have searched for extraterrestrial life on other planets and galaxies, basing their theories on flying objects seen in the sky. But what if aliens have always been on the tip of our nose? What if we are the famous aliens we are looking for ourselves? The Doctor. Ellis Silver bases his theory on a number of important facts.

An impressive theory: are we aliens?
An interesting ecologist named Ellis Silver supports the theory that humans are really the aliens we’ve been looking for so much. Why do you say something so absurd? Well, it has some solid foundations, like the fact that the human being is subject to back pain, because we were not made to follow this lifestyle that we lead.

As if that weren’t enough, the fact that babies have very big heads and it’s possible that they can hurt their mother when they leave and even kill her, gives a clue that maybe it wasn’t so. designed. We were not born to adapt to these conditions.

Dr. Ellis has received numerous criticisms about his theory, he refuses to give up. He insists that the planet we came from has a 25-hour cycle instead of a 24-hour one, and that many scientists claim this is because of the sleep cycle. He also intuits that we cannot endure the sun constantly, like many other creatures that evolved on Earth, including the lizard. Therefore, we run the risk of getting sick, of suffering some fatal disease, such as skin cancer. Wouldn’t that be a warning? It is evident that this is just one theory, among many others that are also logical. But ultimately none of them were clear on this, at least in terms of the information this amazing ecologist has provided us.

So, what would be the origin of the human being?
The book, Humans Are Not From Earth, written by Dr. Ellis, gives a detailed account of each of these theories. In fact, it raises the issue that many people claim to feel that they don’t belong in this world, that they didn’t feel part of the civilization that was built here on Earth.

Did we evolve somewhere else and were brought here much later, as this famous ecologist says? Looking at it this way, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy theory after all, tell us in the comments what you think about it, do you think this planet is not our origin?

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