Aliens are ‘demons’ sent by evil forces to corrupt and ‘feed’ human desires.

Aliens are “demons” sent by evil powers, according to religious scholars.

As the US government investigates 144 reports of UFO sightings by military pilots, theology experts are exploring the potential impact of the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life on religion.

They are struggling to explain to worshipers why there is no evidence of alien life in religious texts like the Bible.

And they believe that some UFO sightings are best explained by marking aliens as “demons”.

They say reports from people who claim to have been abducted by ETs “show clear parallels” with “demonic encounters.”

Leading Catholic theologian Dr. Paul Thigpen, said the investigation into UFOs – or “unidentified aerospace-submarine phenomena”, as they are now called – indicates that the government “knows a lot more than it is saying”.

He told the National Catholic Register: “With UAP, we may indeed be dealing with extraordinary phenomena from a variety of sources, despite similar characteristics.

“The extraterrestrial hypothesis – the notion that we are encountering non-human intelligences from locations in this universe beyond Earth – best explains many UFOs.

“The diabolical hypothesis – that they are demons – best explains some reports of UAPs, especially some of the so-called alien abductions which demonstrate clear parallels with what the Church knows as demonic encounters.”

Thigpen, who has written a book called Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith, said that if aliens exist, they were “created by God” and are “under the lordship of Christ.”

The US-based Orthodox Christian Information Center agrees. According to an article published in 2012 by the late Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna “ultimately, one cannot escape the conclusion” that alien abductors are “demons or ghosts created by demonic power.”

“First of all, they look like demons. They appear to be material creatures and yet they have a transparent character,” he wrote.

“According to the teachings of the Church, demons are spiritual beings – that is, they are fallen angels.

“But because they are corrupt and degenerate, they thrive on human passions – they feed on them.

“This explains the near-universal sexual exploitation of their captives by alien abductors. Second, in the course of their physical examination of abductees, the aliens inflict pain on their victims and often frighten them.”

He said that “classical demonic possession” – which has been known to the Orthodox Church for centuries – “is responsible for the alien abductions we see in modern times.”

But due to the decline of religious beliefs, modern men no longer have the “Christian framework to explain them”.


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