What are Reptilians and what is their purpose on Earth?

What are Reptilians and what is their purpose on Earth

Reptilians, also known as lizardmen or draconians, are a race of hybrid humanoids described in many cultures throughout history. These play a very important role in humanity since, according to ufologists and numerous conspiracy theories, they seek to rule the world.

A conspiração reptiliana

According to many theorists, the entire planet Earth witnessed its existence. For they have been around for thousands of years, and the proof is in thousands of images that claim to attest to their existence. Images that are known as Stele of Dainzu, of Chavin, of Huantar, Apaec, Darius I the Great of Persia, of Jama Coaque, Popol Vuh, God Jnum, Temple of Htor in Dendera Egypt and Monoli of Sierra Leone.

All the images already mentioned are of ancient discoveries made by modern man. So if you were to look for any of them on the internet, you would know their story, but not all of them, as there are thousands of these types of images around the world.

Os reptilianos

Reptilians, the gods who lived on earth
The reptilians are said to come from a star system called Alpha Draconis, and that they currently inhabit underground caves. While others think they are connected to the elite and rule the world. According to some archaeologists and explorers, in 1951, a library with more than 22,000 ancient tablets with images and writings about these beings was discovered in Mesopotamia, Sumer and Babylon. Which to this day are said to have been written first hand. Even though they date back about 6,000 years or so.

But the discoveries were not just made by the Sumerians and Babylonians, as many cultures like Europe, the Middle East, India, the Far East and America. They also have legends about the reptilians and believe in their existence.

The fact is that this theory became more popular thanks to the writings of the author of dozens of books and articles known as the British David Icke. The same one that narrates theories related to this race and claims that they have been around for many centuries. Also, according to some theorists, including David Icke himself. They claim that there is a very strict hierarchy in this race and that it is divided into two classes of reptiles. The Whole Bloods and the cross races.

Os reptilianos a raça que busca dominar a humanidade

Whole bloods know that they are reptilians and that they can switch between their reptilian and human forms at will. Although they themselves do not change their form, their human form is the result of vibrations that change the human mind. So, you might think you see a human being, but in fact the human being is a reptile.

Crossbreeds, on the other hand. They don’t know they are reptiles. They believe they are human. The cross races are controlled by entire races and are unknowingly forced to carry out the secret agenda known as the New World Order.

Reptilóides draconianos

What is the purpose of the Draconians on earth
As we already know, it is said that one of the characteristics of the reptilians is being able to transform into a human and because of this they were able to infiltrate humanity and adopt dominant roles in society. But the darkest thing about the reptilian theory is that they intend to rule the world and turn us into a race of slaves. Therefore, Reptilians do not seek to interpenetrate with ordinary people.

Since then, the reptilians have been involved in world politics for over 40 generations of US presidents. As well as Sumerian kings, pharaohs, prime ministers of many countries and religions. The reptilians also interfere in the main media in the world and in institutions of great relevance such as the CIA and the UN.

Since, according to this theory, they manipulate human leaders to do their bidding. And financial crises are generated all over the world. Conflicts of war, famine and viruses. In such a way that humanity is so corrupted that the human being doesn’t know what to believe anymore


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