The Underground City That Is Inhabited By Intraterrestrials

Man has been incessantly searching for alternative intelligent life to ours since his own creation. And most people only believe that aliens come only and exclusively from outer space. In general, extraterrestrial intelligent life is associated with known phenomena such as flying saucers and certain types of ships with unknown technologies.

Que Son Los Intraterrestre

But what if up until today we have been totally wrong? But of course with this I am not saying that there is no intelligent life in outer space. By this I mean below us, on our soil there is a civilization unknown to human beings. Beings called Intraterrestrial, although for this we must conclude that the hollow earth does exist.

Creencia en la Tierra Hueca

Are there Civilizations in the Interior of the Earth?
In the Bible there are some quite striking quotes regarding civilizations living inside it.; For example, the apostle Saint Paul wrote the following: in the book of Philippians chapter 2 verse 10-11, 10 so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven and on earth, and underground; 11 and every tongue confess that Jesus, the Christ, is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. In these words of the apostle Paul, the beings that live in HEAVEN, that is, the extraterrestrials that live outside the earth, the beings that live on earth, that is, us, and the beings that live BELOW are mentioned. FROM THE EARTH, that is, to the intraterrestrials.

The point is that there are several Bible verses that make it clear that, just as there are aliens, there are also intraterrestrials? Let’s see one more example; In Revelation 5:13 it says: And to everything created that is in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth. This passage teaches us the same as the previous one, that is, there are beings in heaven, on earth and UNDER THE EARTH

What are Intraterrestrials?
Believe that intraterrestrials exist. It is the same as believing that the hollow earth exists. So this would lead us to the conclusion that within planet earth there are highly evolved subterranean civilizations of beings called intraterrestrials. But of course, in the same way it would not be so easy to reach them, since as we said in the previous article, “The earth has an estimated depth of 6000 km, and the human being has only been able to reach 12 kilometers. However, it is estimated that these civilizations are thousands of kilometers apart.

There are two parts on which Science definitely does not agree. Let’s see; Proponents of the hollow earth theory argue that there are two openings. One at each pole, which are guarded and kept secret by some world governments. As well as a system of galleries destined to communicate distant places through the subsoil.

Teoria sobre la existencia de la tierra Hueca

Other versions of these beliefs affirm that a sun floats inside the Earth that gives life to an interior and inhabited land without nights, with a tropical climate and gravity of 6.7 g. Others claim that the movement of the tectonic plates is due to the fact that the Earth is increasing in size. In the center of the openings of each pole there would be no gravity and the sea would sink through one of them until it came out through the other, which would serve as a naval and migratory route towards the interior.

So there are also conspiracy theories, which maintain that this knowledge is hidden due to a great conspiracy in which world leaders, NASA, Google Earth are involved. Etc, since they know the subject perfectly, but have conspired to hide it.

However, these theories are totally opposed to modern science, as we have already seen in the article cited below. That geological studies have been able to determine, thanks to the analysis of seismic waves, that the earth is structured in layers formed by molten rocks and other elements

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