We all know about the mysterious and amazing Roswel incident of 1947. But few really know what happened, or how it all ended after New Mexico, USA. The remains were discovered by a farmer named “Mac Brazel” near his ranch in Corona. These facts were reported to the Roswell Sheriff from July 5 to 8 of the same month under the headline. “Air forces captured a flying saucer on a ranch in the Roswell region.” What caused a stir among the citizens of the country and later the whole world. Same event that would trigger a great race between researchers, ufologists and scientists. All in order to know what was the object that had fallen on the outskirts of the city, and what could have happened. The great mystery Hangar 18, area 51 and the Roswell incident are revealed

Wright-Patterson AFB

When the population asked these soldiers for explanations. They claimed that it was the accident of a flight called Project Mogul. A top secret US project from 1947, which was primarily responsible for launching balloons to collect information on atomic tests in the Soviet Union.

The mysterious UFO and Aircraft Workshop known as Hangar 18
After that, UFO researchers and experts began to analyze the case. So they began asking people, “including the top brass,” to question witnesses and read reports. Finally, after many investigations and hard work, they found the remains of the accident. Including the 4 bodies that were transported to an air base facility. USA, Wright-Patterson, called “Hangar 18”, where the flying object and bodies were stored for later analysis.

¿Qué hay detrás de Hangar 18 y el Área 51?

The question is what is Hangar 18? Officially, this is a US Air Force fighter garage or workshop, where unknown planes and craft are stored for minor repairs. These facilities are excessively large. It is presumed to have around 12 underground floors where crashed spaceships and alien bodies were stored for years. This, combined with a high level of security, is perhaps what has made it difficult for ufologists to investigate the cases. But the whole matter does not end here.

In the 1950s, when flying saucers started to become extremely popular in the United States, the first rumors about Hangar 18 surfaced. It was a top secret location at Wrightlt-Paterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The nefarious warehouse would house the remains of several UFOs crashed or shot down by the Americans. The first extraterrestrial spacecraft that was taken there would have been the one that crashed in ROSWELL, New Mexico, in 1947, one of the most rumored cases in world ufology and in fact the most famous. In Hangar 18 there would also be the bodies of the GRAYS aliens rescued from the rubble.

America’s First Use of Advanced Technology and the Roswell Incident

Wright- Patterson, llamado “Hangar 18

Interestingly, in the early 1960s, some 13 years after the Roswell incident. The idea arose to implement the development of a fascinating military ship in the United States. Since according to research they worked with super advanced technology, which is still being studied today. But that at the time they seemed to know very well, although of course it is also believed that certain modern ships already have part of this technology. Which was known as Anti-Gravity Technology. Which was essentially repulsion through a force equal in magnitude to gravity.

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How the US Managed the Anti-Gravity Technology Acquired from the Roswell Incident
When the US began securitizing this technology, spacecraft traveled at unimaginable speeds and freed up airspace. These spaceships were not like all the others, not only because they used this new technology. But because they were physically different. I mean they were in a way never seen before and applied to other aircraft. They seemed to come from another world. And in fact, that’s what many people thought when they saw it quickly fly over some areas in the United States. That’s exactly what they believed, apparently the Anti-Gravity Technology evolved or was conceived from the object captured in Roswell. The military had secretly studied the mysterious object and all its technology for several years to develop an ultra-powerful and nearly indestructible military aircraft.

The existence of Hangar 18 was denounced in the book Behind the Flying Soucers (Henry Holt and Company, 1950), by journalist Frank Scully. Not coincidentally, the character Dana Scully from FILE X is named after her. Unsurprisingly, the Air Force denied the existence of the alien remains, as well as Hangar 18. As UFO investigations expanded, Hangar 18 was gradually replaced by a more complex one. Today known as the famous and restricted AREA 51.


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