There are cases of children who remember their past lives with total clarity. There are several real cases of children who have given details to those around them about their previous lives with verifiable data.

These children have been verified as real confirming that what they said was completely real. But then there are the suspected cases that could be about something else. Of a usurpation of a body of a walkin or it could also be a parasitization by an alien identity from outside this planet. There is also the possibility that it is an alien memory deposited in the human brain.

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Researcher Corrado Malanga assures that we are used by aliens
The researcher Corrado Malanga came to study thousands of cases of abducted people. Given this, I determine that these entities use the brains of humans as a hard drive to store their memories. This is why there are humans who remember their alien past lives. Part of why they feel they belong to another planet.

But as with most of the world’s great mysteries, none of this is easy to explain. Since it can be many causes. There are also souls who are really old. Souls that come from other solar systems or galaxies or dimensions that incarnate here on earth to free trapped souls. Which can help our planet to raise its vibration. Since these have an internal timer that is activated little by little and the information that they have accumulated inside is filtered.

Seven-year-olds explain our story to psychologist Ariana Havah
This could be a very curious case, since it is not about a child with mental illness or imagination. The boy who tells us about our true story is called David. He is only seven years old and was taken by his mother to psychologist Ariana Havah. The psychologist realizing the importance of this case and the information provided by the child. She decides to record everything and with the permission of the child’s parents she wrote a series of books entitled; Inoaqui the reptile that lives in me, confessions of an alien soul.

Corrado Malanga

The boy talks about the real origin of him. He states that he comes from the planet Inua and why he has incarnated here on earth. The boy also talks about what will happen in the near future with our planet and the living beings that inhabit it. David was taken by his mother to the child psychologist because she heard a voice in his head, as if someone were talking about him. The boy explained that this voice answers his questions telepathically from him. The voice told him that his real name is Ashton and that he belongs to the tribe just like I should from the planet Inua. This planet belongs to a star system in the Orion zone, this entity told the child that he has incarnated on earth to leave this message and describe the exact circumstances of his incarnation process on the planet

The boy claims that we are ruled by alien races
After several sections, the boy provides information to the psychologist Ariana Havah. Information about nature and social conditions on his planet of origin. Furthermore, he explains how the history of his race is connected with the race of our planet in the past. He explains that we are actually ruled by various alien races and what the future of our planet is.

She emphasized that we will soon see comprehensive changes on earth and suggests how we can prepare for the shift to higher dimensions. David describes Inua as a planet more beautiful than Earth, it has mountains, plains, and water. But the plants are different and the trees on the planet and they have colors that look like silver, and there are only a few white ones left, they have seasons. Eero don’t have a winter like here on earth. It also has seas and oceans, the seas are called avata and the oceans surin. According to the boy’s parents, he has been having dreams and memories since he was three years old.

David Describes what the inhabitants of the planet Inoa are like
According to the child, the Inoaqui are beings that are two meters tall, they are bipedal and walk like us. They have smooth skin like ours, but they look like lizards. They are reptilians with two arms, two hands, but with three fingers on each of their hands. In addition, they also have a thick and powerful tail. His tail is white and his eyes are golden violet. There is no hair on their bodies and they can communicate in two different ways, speaking as we do and also through telepathy. The Inoaqui do not eat meat, only vegetables, fruits and seeds.

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After this David also talks about the so-called universal matrix. What is also known as original source; He says the following, the universal matrix is ​​an independent type of energy that all beings are made of and to which they all belong. It is the main mode of energy in the universe in which all the ideas, thoughts, impressions and energies of everything that has been created and will be created in all the universes are stored.

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