Before obtaining a UFO patent, Nikola Tesla had direct communication with alien intelligence.

While government officials and aviation professionals are now working to determine whether or not UFOs are real, a Serbian-American inventor has submitted a patent application for it 10 years ago. At the close of the 19th century, all of this occurred despite the fact that eminent scientists rejected the idea of flying machines.

The inventor of many scientific innovations, Nikola Tesla, was the first to create a workable design for a flying saucer, or as we now refer to them, a “UFO.”

“Flying Saucer” by Tesla

Nikola Tesla filed a contentious patent in 1928. The “World’s First Flying Saucer,” according to the patent. For Tesla, this was ground-breaking. This is due to the fact that he used electromagnetic force instead of gravitational force. Electromagnetic force is thought to be the more potent of the two. This Flying Saucer could as well be the fastest plane if it were to become a reality.

According to science, the electromagnetic force outweighs the gravitational force by a factor of (2.2 x 1039). In order to put it into perspective, let’s say the energy needed to mechanically raise a block at a distance of X millimeters. If the block were given the same amount of energy utilizing electromagnetic force, it could be lifted (5.6 x 1024) kilometers. That much electricity would be needed to drive an airplane using electromagnetic force.

The layout of Tesla’s flying saucer closely resembles the accounts of those who asserted to have seen a UFO up close. A discoidal capacitor and several additional tiny capacitors make up the fundamental structure. While the remaining capacitors assist in regulating the drive’s direction, the discoidal capacitor provides the thrust. His design also has an electronic motor control and a gyroscopic stabilization mechanism.
How does it function?

Tesla’s flying device has a construction that is a mix of helicopter and airplane. It resembles a torpedo. This is due to the fact that his machine’s inner surface is made up of circular channels. around the entire craft’s center in a circle.

These channels transport a coil with a high frequency and voltage. To provide the ship with electrostatic and electromagnetic load, a resonant transformer is incorporated into the design. One of Tesla’s first innovations is the “Tesla Coil,” which is installed within the ship.

While this gives Tesla’s flying aircraft its structure, “Magnetohydrodynamics” is what propels it. Michael Faraday made the initial observation of this. The basic idea behind this technique is that a magnetic field is produced when a high-frequency, high-voltage alternating current is supplied to a pair of metal plates. The magnetic and electric fields are perpendicular to one another. Together, the electric and magnetic fields can provide a propulsion push that is mutually perpendicular to both fields.

According to Newton’s Third Law, this force is only the outcome of the reaction against the solid-state condition of space-time and is not caused by any ejection of matter. The high-frequency electromagnetic pulse of that region of space facilitates this response. Therefore, frequency rather than fuel determines the thrust.
Before patenting his flying saucer, Tesla made direct communication with alien intelligence.

In 1899, Tesla constructed an experimental station west of Colorado Springs to examine high-voltage, high-frequency electricity used in wireless power transmission. Unbeknownst to Tesla, a massive wave of conspiracy theories emerged as a result of his radio experiments in 1899. He once observed an odd signal coming from his receiver while he was conducting some experiments. He thought it may be messages from another world.

the location of Nikola Tesla’s signal intercept. He was looking at wireless power transfer.
“While conducting research in Colorado, I had a strong belief that extremely intelligent individuals live on Mars.
I was able to gather incredible experimental proof that there is life on Mars. Tesla informed the media after his tests in Colorado. “I picked up signals that I decoded as 1-2-3-4. Due to the fact that numbers are universal, I think the Martians used them to communicate.

There are rumors that this encounter served as the inspiration for Tesla’s development of the flying saucer.

a scarcity of funds
Tesla’s Flying Saucer remained a myth despite actual blueprints. The absence of money is the primary cause of this. After his disagreement with Thomas Edison, he had trouble finding any investors. Tesla’s competitor Guglielmo Marconi’s efforts received a lot of funding from Edison. He paid no heed to Tesla’s cutting-edge inventions.

Morgan, but this partnership was cut short by his investors’ doubts about the viability of his system. The development of Edison’s team’s own radio technology had advanced significantly at that point. This led Tesla to completely give up on his endeavor.

Tesla on the future of flying vehicles
Tesla predicted that flying vehicles will be the future of hassle-free and speedy transportation in 1926, two years before he received his flying saucer patent.

According to Tesla in a 1926 interview with Collier magazine, “Perhaps the most beneficial application of wireless power will propel flying machines, they will not require any fuel and be free from any limits of today’s aircraft and airships.” “Let’s take a quick flight from New York to Europe. A significant step will be made toward the unity and peaceful coexistence of the different races that occupy the globe when international borders are substantially erased.

In this conversation, Tesla made a number of ground-breaking forecasts in addition to those about flying aircraft. He correctly foresaw the future of mobile phone technology, wireless power, and even female dominance. Tesla implied that wireless technology would allow individuals to “instantly converse with one other, regardless of distance.”

After his passing, the US Secret Service confiscated all of his patents, including the Flying Saucer.

The contemporary world has undergone a revolution because to Tesla’s voracious imagination. His ingenious 1928 patent was what turned the UFO into an IFO (Identified Flying Object). However, the initiative was unable to get enough funding projects.

The US Secret Service confiscated all of his patents after his death. Why would the US secret agency be interested in his patents if his inventions weren’t good enough? His flying saucer is allegedly being extensively examined and is being constructed covertly.

The F.B.I. asserted in a statement that none of his discoveries were “of considerable value to our country.” The Office of Alien Property Custodian seized the artist’s works. However, his creations inexplicably vanished not long after the conflict.

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