Woman becomes pregnant after contact with aliens, Pentagon report says

According to the accusations included in the Pentagon documents from the DIA, UFOs interacted sexually with humans and one lady purportedly even became pregnant. In response to a freedom of information request, the report was acquired.

The Sun uncovered Pentagon papers that made some unusual allegations. The aliens allegedly had intercourse with humans, and one of the women was left pregnant, according to a number of witnesses.

The paper, “Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Humans and Biological Tissues,” looks into how paranormal encounters or “damage to human observers from anomalous sophisticated aircraft systems” may affect a person’s health.

The US research organization MUFON created a list of the biological impacts of UFO encounters on humans and their frequency, which was included in the report’s “useful database.”

Strange incidents including “apparent abduction,” “unreported pregnancy,” sexual encounters, psychic encounters, and teleportation were featured in the paper.

The paper mentions five instances of human and UFO sex.

According to the article, witnesses to UFO encounters may become hurt or have radiation burns, neurological issues, or damaged nerves. Additionally, the study stated that these facilities may be “a danger to United States interests.”

“People were discovered to have received injuries from exposure to anomalous vehicles, notably in the air and at close proximity,” the study stated.

According to the reports, the injuries were caused by electromagnetic radiation and were linked to “energy propulsion systems”. Radiation-induced burns and heat injuries, brain damage, and nerve damage were all cited as potential injuries.

Report found inside more than 1,500 pages of DIA records pertaining to the Pentagon’s top-secret Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program for UFOs (AATIP). Another paper that described how to categorize “anomalous behavior” following meetings with “ghosts, yeti, spirits, elves, and other mythological entities” was one of them.


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