The Ancient Pyramids Were Built Using Advanced Sound Technology, But There Is not a word about that in textbooks

Many sources guarantee that the Ancient Egyptians utilized sound to fabricate the pyramids and other enormous developments. Notwithstanding, as announced in various course readings, the development was made achievable by slaves, ropes, blocks, etc.

Obviously, this is all because of the way that there is no information showing the way that such supernatural occurrences can be performed utilizing sound. Henri Kelson seems to have noticed and explored sound levitation in Tibet.

He nitty gritty how Tibetan priests utilized lines and drums to lift rocks, yet he likewise depicted the whole methodology in minute detail — how they stood, what they sang, the number of individuals that were right there, etc.

Every antiquated culture, as indicated by Kelson, knew how to utilize sound levitation. It’s nothing unexpected that the Mayans worked to inconceivable levels.

Nonetheless, over a century has gone since Kielson’s clarification, and youths are as yet told an alternate variant at school.

Numerous nations, quite Russia, have shown that Kielson’s thought is practical. Moreover, Yun Rekimoto, Takayuki Hoshi, and Yoichi Occhiey of Tokyo University demonstrated to the world how sound waves might be utilized to move little items in space. NASA and other space organizations are additionally intrigued by this innovation.

In any case, pyramids were as yet worked by hand by 100 thousand slave armed forces…

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