UFO is Chased by Fighter Jets in the Skies of Bulgaria

According to a Bulgarian news source, fighter jets chased a disc-shaped UFO over Nova Zagora, Bulgaria.

* The strange vehicle was flying at a very low altitude and was seen by many witnesses.

* “Apparently the fighter jet was there just to identify the object. I don’t think any military would risk shooting at an alien ship.” assured the UFO expert, Scott C Waring.

The Portal12 website showed photos taken on January 14 of what it said were two fighter jets chasing an unidentified flying object near Nova Zagora, a town in southeastern Bulgaria.

The UFO and planes were reportedly seen by “many witnesses” in Nova Zagora.

One witness described:

“About five minutes later, the object suddenly changed its location, causing spectacular maneuvers by two military aircraft.”

It is clear that the UFO sightings that cause the most controversy are those that are confirmed by radar.

And how could it be otherwise, these cases end up in oblivion without being explained by the authorities.

This is what has happened in Bulgaria, where two military planes were photographed chasing a mysterious object in the form of a “flying saucer”.

The startling images have sparked a heated debate online between ufologists and skeptics speculating on what the Bulgarian military planes were chasing.

Some theorists claimed that the images are one of the best evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth and that governments purposely hide this type of information so as not to create unnecessary panic.

Hours later, the craft was seen in the villages of Stoil Voivoda, Zagorci and Han Asparuhovo, very close to the outskirts of the City of Nova Zagora.

Interestingly, this fact occurred in the vicinity of a mysterious futuristic building, which is also disk-shaped, this mysterious structure is located on a mountain that was used by the Communist Party of Bulgaria before its disappearance.

The monument is called Buzludzha, it has a concrete outer shell and the design is very futuristic (saucer-shaped, with ultra-modern interior design). This monument was designed by the famous communist architect Gueorguy Stoilov.

Could it be that the design of this modern building was based on the real design of a Ship?

Was it an alien spacecraft that the Bulgarian warplanes chased?

Could the flying saucer have been searching for something, or was it simply distracted for a moment to gaze at the saucer-shaped monument?

The Bulgarian government has not said anything regarding the maneuvers of the fighter planes and the “UFO”.

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