The Pharaoh Akhenaten “could be an extraterrestrial hybrid” new research “confirms it”

* For a long time and among the community of scientists dedicated to the study of Ancient Egypt, a question arose regarding the origin of humanity. Were the Egyptian pharaohs extraterrestrial hybrids? Is it possible that human beings did not originate from Earth?

In this context of doubts and enigmas, there are ample possibilities because Egypt is full of mysteries that have not yet been revealed.

The construction of the Great Pyramid generates situations that puzzle scholars, considering that they were far ahead of their time. The pyramids have many interesting details to tell, because “even” they are aligned with certain stellar combinations and on top of that they are spaces that accumulate energy, among other things.

Following this premise, the pyramids are still an unsolved mystery and Akhenaten seems to be one of them, or at least he is the Pharaoh who generates the most suspicions about his actions.

Pharaoh Akhenaten or Akhenaten, was a Pharaoh who reigned between 1353 and 1336 before Christ. He was the tenth of his dynasty and reigned for about seventeen years, although this is not very clear, because during his reign much evidence of his existence disappeared.

Akhenaten, of whom there is much less evidence and proof than of other Egyptian pharaohs, made religious and political changes that led the Egyptians to absolute madness by eliminating more than 2 thousand deities, because he, tired of the usual, decided that the Egyptians abandoned the cult of the multiple gods they had and worshiped a single god, (the god Aten), of which he and his wife Nefertiti became unique representatives on earth.

The god Aten, unlike the rest of the gods, who were humans with animal heads and things like that, was a solar disk with rays that welcomed everything around it (A representation of a UFO?) which apparently represented the afternoon sun, which was dedicated to giving light and warmth to everyone who paid homage to it.

Akhenaten was so obsessed with this UFO-like god that he founded a new capital called Akhetaten and had numerous courtyards and open structures made in which the god Aten, the sun disk, could be worshipped.

Akhenaten, in addition to imposing a monotheistic religion around the figure of a ball of light similar to a UFO and establishing himself as a divinity on Earth together with his wife, removing the entire clerical caste of his time in one fell swoop, was a pharaoh with a very peculiar physique that intrigues.

Unlike the rest of the pharaohs, who ordered artists to sculpt and paint them with broad shoulders and narrow waists, Akhenaten ordered them to represent him as he was, which has allowed extensive speculation about his physique.

Akhenaten’s belly was bulging and his body narrow and thin, and his limbs, long and thin, completed a very effeminate body adorned by an excessively sharp and androgynous face that ended in a tremendously elongated skull.

The skull of this pharaoh, found when his tomb was opened centuries later, was so elongated that the theory that it had been deformed in infancy was highly unlikely.

Some have pointed out that this skull could be the result of something called Marfan syndrome, but this syndrome implies sterility in those who suffer from it, and Akhenaten had several children, (among them the famous Tutankhamun), which means that said syndrome does not may be possible.

In addition, it must be said that his wife Nefertiti and their children also had elongated skulls, and that has led to the belief that there may have been alien DNA at that time and that perhaps there were entire families or lineages with that DNA. It is said that these features would have been adopted by other cultures around the world by undergoing harsh processes of skull lengthening, certainly to imitate deities with power and social status, something like the copy of the copy of the copy of the original.

Akhenaten’s reign disappeared in a mysterious way, because it is not known if he was assassinated (he and some of his daughters died in strange circumstances) or if he fled somewhere, and there is nothing that has been able to clarify it, although it is known that after his death the capital he had founded was destroyed, the god Aton was abandoned and many monuments were destroyed, in addition to all the papyri and documents of his reign.

Perhaps the Egyptians discovered that the royal family was a family with alien DNA and decided to end everything they had done? Whether that is the answer to that question is not known, but many scholars think it might be.

Either way, Egypt will always remain a great mystery and an inexhaustible source of theories, which end up leading to the idea that there could have been extraterrestrial life on Earth in ancient times.

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