“Aliens live among us, even if we don’t see them”

According to modern science, humans naturally evolved on Earth from ape-like ancestors to become the most intelligent species on this planet, and possibly in this universe, as there is no evidence of intelligent life elsewhere. . But the truth is quite the opposite.

Humans are not alone in the universe, we are not the smartest species, and we did not naturally evolve on Earth. Countless extraterrestrial civilizations populate this galaxy; many are millions of years older than ours.

The most advanced aliens have been visiting Earth for a long time; some are responsible for seeding human life on Earth and other compatible planets.

This means that humanity did not even originate on Earth. So technically speaking, we’re aliens too, even though we’ve lived here for so long that we see it differently.

Aliens still occupy this planet, living in underground or underwater bases, or within mountains, and traveling in stealth ships, through underground tunnels or through teleportation portals.

While there are at least fifty different alien species on Earth, only a few are highly negative or highly positive.

The negatives use humanity as a natural resource. Neutral aliens are here primarily to live, observe, and learn. Positive aliens are interested in helping individuals escape the energy farm and become superhuman.

In reality, things are more complicated as any alien faction can have multiple purposes, but the point is that the negatives are basically looking to use us, and the positives are looking to help us.

The most common types of aliens are Greys, Reptilians, Mantid and Norse. Grays are robotic beings, of short stature, large heads, pale skin and dark eyes.

Reptilians are tall, intelligent beings with slanted pupils and scaly skin.

Mantid resemble the mantis insect, only human-sized. Nords are indistinguishable from humans, but are generally more muscular, with exclusively blond hair and very light eyes.

It is not possible to say that an exotic species is absolutely positive and another absolutely negative, because within the same species there may be specimens of both classes, but for some types the orientation is more delineated than for others.

For example, the Grays are not a single race of sentient beings with free will, but rather genetically modified automatons programmed to do manual labor for their reptilian creators, and as only negative aliens resort to the use of artificial slaves, the existence of Grays is virtually unheard of. zero.

Reptilians occupy the ranks of ancient empires that conquered and enslaved various worlds. Over time, this activity has reduced much of their past individuality, which is why most reptilians today are part of the negative factions.

The positive reptilians are in the minority, having split from the negative groups to use their naivety and power for liberation rather than manipulation.

The Norse have more free will and diversity than the Reptilians, being an older and more perfected race. Half of all Nordics are negative and the other half are positive.

Negative Nords are superior to Reptilians and function as their dark lords, both being possessed or guided by demonic entities that command and empower them.

Higher Dimensional Origins
These aliens are not physicists like us. They can dematerialize and walk through walls, travel backwards in time, levitate, move objects with their minds, appear to us in their etheric state without their physical bodies, speak to us telepathically, enter our dreams and become invisible.

All of these are powers inherent to the superhuman stage and, in fact, are more advanced because they live in a higher dimension that interpenetrates ours.

To enter our world, beings from a higher dimension must focus on a narrower vibration range to intercept our dimension, otherwise they will remain invisible to us.

We’re like fish that don’t realize that people outside the aquarium are watching us, people who can choose to make themselves known by tapping on glass or sticking their fingers in the water.

Technically speaking, despite coming from a higher dimension, these negative beings exist between us and this dimension. To understand this better, think about how the surface of a table has only two dimensions (length and width), while the space between the table has three dimensions (length, width, and height).

Our third-dimensional reality is simply a surface surrounded by positive and negative fourth-dimensional space.

In the middle is where beings with lower soul vibrations reside. Negative beings need enormous soul energy to project themselves “upwards” into our third dimensional reality, while positive beings can simply “show up” to visit us.

In their natural state, Reptilians exist in this fourth dimensional space, an etheric level where time and reality are most fluid and responsive to your thoughts. With an expenditure of energy they can change their vibrational level to temporarily become physical like us, but to conserve energy they prefer to remain in their fourth dimensional environment.

Grays are designed to operate in our reality while being telepathically controlled from the higher dimension. So, in addition to being artificially intelligent, they can also function as remotely controlled probes through which reptilian minds operate.

In this way, the reptilians can remain in their dimension while interacting with us from a distance. Negative Norse, having relatively more power, can more easily stay in our dimension.

Being of a higher dimension gives you many advantages and disadvantages.

As a bonus, their etheric technology is fourth dimensional and capable of operating outside of our concept of time, so the reptilians can see and manipulate our possible past, present and future realities simultaneously.

It’s like being in a helicopter seeing all the streets of a city below, while someone on the ground floor only sees the street in front of them. They are capable of very complicated, high-level manipulations, like changing the past, in small ways, to affect the choices you are likely to make in the present.

Negative aliens don’t know the choice we’ll make and they can’t change the changes we’ve already made, but they can see and change everything else.

On the negative side, their shaped state of existence prevents them from easily violating their free will, using force to override their choices, as force is something inherent in the physical state.

But they can still adjust the circumstances surrounding their choices to pressure you to choose something that is both bad for you and good for them.

It is by pinching the past, creating difficulties in the present, looking ahead to see what you could do, telepathically manipulating the weaker minds of those around you, that you can create negative and artificial synchronicities.

And through these tools, they manipulate minds and make souls suffer in order for the energy farm they run to get its output.

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