A woman’s ghost is photographed in a Victorian cemetery in England

Cemeteries are not just a window into how different cultures honor the dead, they are also home to some disturbing myths and legends. Given their role as hosts for the deceased, cemeteries around the world have been associated with all sorts of hauntings, horrors and ghostly occurrences.

Whether tourists pay their respects, investigate spooky folklore, or simply visit the final resting places of celebrities, more and more tour companies are adding tours of famous cemeteries to their vacation itineraries.

From the catacombs in Paris to the Saint Louis Cemetery in the United States, there are many cemeteries that house all kinds of supernatural entities. And now we have to add a new ghost graveyard to the list.

Foto um - O cemitério e uma família com um carrinho de bebê podem ser vistos ao fundo.

ghostly image
A terrifying figure that could be the ghost of a woman has been photographed at a historic seaside cemetery in England.

Mandy Steel, a cleaning lady from the English town of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, traveled with her two adult children on Saturday, August 13, to Tynemouth Castle in North Tyneside, where she decided to take pictures of the historic ruins.

In the first photo everything is normal; overview of the cemetery and a family with a pram can be seen in the background:

Foto dois: Uma figura pode ser vista atrás da família, embora Mandy Steel insista que não havia uma pessoa extra passando pelo priorado quando ela tirou a foto.

Photo one: The cemetery and a family with a baby carriage can be seen in the background.
But it wasn’t until she returned home that the 45-year-old reviewed her photos and noticed what appeared to be a ghostly figure of a woman in Victorian clothing behind a family.

In the image, a woman appears to be standing near the cliff at the cemetery wearing a long coat and hat. Mandy told the local newspaper Northumberland Gazette that she didn’t see the woman when she took the pictures.

She also explained that she took the photo around 1pm and that she was looking over South Shields Beach at the time, where visibility was good.

Now in the second photo, taken seconds later; a figure can be seen behind the family, though Mandy Steel insists there was no extra person passing through the priory when she took the picture:

Photo two: A figure can be seen behind the family, although Mandy Steel insists there was no extra person passing through the priory when she took the photo.
“It’s really weird because my daughter was also taking pictures of the same place at the same time, but her phone didn’t pick up anything,”

said Mandy.

“I went through all my photos to see if anyone was dressed like this, but no one was wearing a hat. Also, they all wore summer clothes. I just don’t know who or what she was.”

See the enlarged photo of the alleged ghost woman:

Close-up: uma foto ampliada da pessoa vista andando atrás da família. Ela parece estar com roupas antiquadas, usando um chapéu e carregando uma bolsa.

Close-up: An enlarged photo of the person seen walking behind the family. She appears to be in old-fashioned clothes, wearing a hat and carrying a bag.
The woman also explained that she tried to contact the priory and the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty for information about her strange sighting, but they did not respond to her request.

But this is not the first time that someone has photographed a ghost in this same cemetery…

Last year, an old man’s spooky visage was photographed in one of the most famous and haunted buildings in Cornwall, England. The image shows Candice Collins, head of the paranormal investigation team The Cornish Ghost Whispers, inside Bodmin Prison.

The photo was taken 15 years ago in an empty Bodmin prison but resurfaced yesterday years after Candice lost it during a move (click for full story).

“I took some fantastic paranormal evidence at Bodmin Prison before it was turned into a hotel,”

Com um rosto magro e dois olhos grandes e redondos.

Collins told the local Cornwall Live newspaper.

Ghosts in Cemeteries
Undoubtedly, Mandy Steel’s photography is truly disturbing, but it also shows that cemeteries are much more than the last resting place.

The Wadi us-Salaam Islamic Cemetery, which means Valley of Peace, is located 150 km south of Baghdad, Iraq, and covers 13% of the total land in the Shia holy city of Najaf.

It is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Interim List because Wadi-us-Salaam is considered the largest cemetery in the world and the only one that has carried out continuous burials for over 1,400 years.

At the main entrance, talismans are sold to protect against evil spirits that dwell within. And even gravediggers who work or worked in Wadi us-Salaam have publicly reported terrifying encounters with ghosts, moving corpses, jinn or jinn and witches.

O cemitério islâmico Wadi us-Salaam

One of the workers explained that staff turnover is quite high due to ghosts, adding that his colleagues leave if there are ghost incidents.

Thus, Mandy Steel’s photo is further evidence of the presence of ghosts in cemeteries.

And you, dear reader, what do you think of the ghostly image?

Is it a real ghost or do you have a completely different opinion?


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