A US Army Officer’s Encounter With Blue-skinned Andromedans: Told Him The Origins And Secrets Of Humanity

O número de espécies exóticas no universo é objeto de inúmeras hipóteses. Entidades do espaço sideral foram vistas por muitos entusiastas de OVNIs, abduzidos e até mesmo membros do governo. Alex Collier  é a única pessoa que conversou com alienígenas de  Andrômeda  (Andromedanos) e deu informações detalhadas sobre eles. Muitas de suas entrevistas focaram no impacto que várias espécies extraterrestres tiveram na raça humana.

Collier é considerado crível por muitos conhecidos entusiastas de OVNIs, pelo menos no sentido de que ele se esforça para transmitir o máximo de informações possível de seus encontros com os  Andrômenos . Desde seus primeiros anos como criança até meados de sua adolescência, ele teve encontros regulares com a vida extraterrestre. Após uma pausa de vários anos, durante os quais serviu como  piloto de helicóptero no  Exército dos EUA , o contato recomeçou em  1985 .

When Collier encountered the two Andromedans, they became his mentors and brought him aboard their spaceship for a period of three months, where they exposed Collier to the Andromedans’ teachings. The Andromenes told him about the spirituality of the universe, life in the universe, and Earth’s place in the history of the galaxy.

Andromedans are “one of thousands of extraterrestrial races in existence”. Andromedans are humans with bluish skin and are taller than 2 meters. All human life forms began in the constellation Lyra, according to Collier, author of “Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium.” But a war caused its stars to explode, so people had to move to other parts of the galaxy to stay alive.

According to Collier, the variety in skin tones is because people have varied DNA and are exposed to different celestial bodies. In the Andromeda constellation, the Andromeda Beings are one of the oldest societies.

The Andromeda civilization has a single government and is 4,700 years more spiritually and 5,000 years more technologically advanced than we are, regardless of where it exists in the constellation. They do, however, strike a healthy balance between the spiritual and technological aspects of their lives. In other words, they use technology to progress spiritually.

This is due to the fact that there are several levels of dimensions. We are in the third dimension now. We still haven’t reached the fourth, let alone the fifth. Consciousness is what differentiates the third and fourth dimensions.

There is a collective consciousness in the fourth dimension, as everyone is telepathic and can read each other’s minds. As a result, each individual is genuine, open and free from hidden agendas. A being becomes clairvoyant when entering this dimension because energy systems and fields can be observed in this state of consciousness.

The court system may make decisions based on energy fields, but dualities will persist and judgment processes will change. The inhabitants of Andromeda have never known a society as tyrannical as ours. The fact that the Andromenes have studied all the sciences makes them telepathic and clairvoyant.

In each incarnation, all souls are aware of themselves and where they are going, and they know who they are and what their previous incarnations were like. As a bonus, they can watch your evolution in the afterlife.

According to Collier, who has stated this in several interviews, there are “regressive” aliens controlling Earth. These aliens arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system. According to him, humanity is divided by two systems of philosophical beliefs. One conveys love and freedom of choice, while the other demonstrates control and use of resources. He claims that the Andromedans are the result of manipulating human DNA. The Earth has been manipulated extensively over 5,700 years. However, the aliens from Orion began manipulating the structure of human DNA 14,000 years ago.

According to Collier, in his last talk before retiring from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002, aliens from an ancient race known as the “Founders” are responsible for creating the ecosystems of planets and making them habitable. “Paa Tal” is the name given to this ancient alien race by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

He even said that these aliens could get rid of a planet’s moons to change the distance between the planet and its sun and control the amount of radiation. The Andromenes are said to have the ability to build a solar system.

We’re about 4,300 to 4,500 years behind the Andromedans when it comes to technology, according to Collier. They don’t count the years the way we do on Earth, in 365 days. According to many extraterrestrials, a year is the time it takes for each cell in your body to copy itself, which takes about 34 years.

Collier claims that humans are made up of 22 different alien races. He estimated that the planets in the eight galaxies closest to our own have a total population of 135 billion people. When he visited one of these potentially habitable planets, he said that because of Earth’s bad reputation, the inhabitants were terrified to see him. In the entire cosmos, humans are the only species capable of enslaving and killing their own people for their own gain.


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