KGB agent and a captured alien being communicate solely through telepathy, and the alien requested assistance

The clip was captured by a former KGB operative. This evidence was obtained by the agent who was tasked with gathering information from an investigation.

He visited a secret underground facility and discovered many locked doors there. He claimed that several unusual noises were being made by unknown creatures.

He thereby gained entry to the compartment housing the alien’s confinement.

His immediate surroundings gave him protective gear and reassured him that he was safe.

When he arrived at the alien, he could hear the alien’s voice requesting him to speak with his supervisor and arrange for his removal from the jail where he was being held.

Remember the Extraterrestrial Interview from the Blue Book Project? The alien in captivity appeared afraid, and base workers most likely abused it. Think about how he felt when he was taken and sent to an other planet.

We should treat these aliens with respect since we reverse-engineered their technology and they may be us from the future.

A video that goes with it may be found at the bottom of this page. At 8:30 p.m., you’ll see the alien.

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