Moon’s Secret Revealed By China?! – Do Extraterrestrial Structures Exist On The Moon?!

Space colonization is no longer a pipe dream, and China is already putting its cards on the table. The People’s Republic of China has displayed an advanced space colonization plan that started in 2017 and will end in 2022 with the first man landing on Mars.

With the space mission Chang’e 4 (later Chang’e 5) China hopes to examine the lunar terrain in the dark area of the moon and establish a permanent location that will serve as a station or intermediate for future transit to Mars.

The Chang’e 4’s primary goal is to conduct research on the Moon’s surface in order to establish a base. The goal of the next mission is to return as much data to Earth as feasible.

China has done something that no one else has been able to do, even NASA. That is, to show how the Moon’s dark side appears to the rest of the world. The images are also rather disturbing.

For starters, we all presume the Moon’s surface is white since all of NASA’s official images and photographs represent it as so.

Despite this, we can observe that the Moon’s surface is not all that unlike our own. The sand is brown and yellowish in color, rather than white or grey, as we can see. Why would NASA want to mess with photographs like this? Was it trying to keep anything hidden?

See if we can find out the answers to those questions by looking at the photos below. As we can see, the color of the terrain isn’t the only negative element we might appreciate. If we look carefully at the photographs, we can spot an interesting anomaly in the distance.

As we can see, it has certain peculiar qualities. These structures are well defined and do not seem to be natural.

Because nature is chaotic and devoid of defined angles and structures, the only plausible explanation for such structures is that they belong to an alien culture or were built by NASA. What’s holding you back?

Perhaps this is why the Moon photos they show have been modified. This is the most plausible scenario, since the buildings’ style is significantly more similar to that of human-built structures, as far as we can discern.

Space-chasing hunter Streetcap1 recorded interesting structures, which we can see in more detail on its YouTube channel.


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