Anton Parks’ “Anunnaki” arrives in Barcelona (Video)

The most important world congress of Ufology in Europe is once again filled with stellar figures next September at the Hotel Calatonia Barcelona Plaza, and you will have the privilege of witnessing two titans of UFO research

Anton Parks is a French writer and essayist dealing with issues of ufology, intraterrestrial theory, humanoid reptiles, and the civilization of the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Babylonians.

He will make his first main presentation directed by the most influential Spanish-speaking communicator of recent times, David Parcerisa.

Anton Parks challenged all preconceived dogmas. His research sheds light on the preponderant roles of primordial myths in the foundation of our societies.

He is the creator of a revolutionary thesis on the codification of the Sumerian language (study exposed in his series Chronicles where we find the entire process that led to his innovative discoveries).


Anton Parks and David Parcerisa together for the first time exclusively on stage at ¨THE UFOLOGY WORLD CONGRESS¨
Also researcher, writer and lecturer David Parcerisa, has a long career of more than 24 years dedicated to the study of the UFO phenomenon, parapsychology and the enigmas of ancient cultures.

Parcerisa will be one of the presenters and special guests of the aforementioned congress and will give an exclusive interview for the first time seen at the UFO congress with Frenchman Anton Parks.

Both are aware of the current of the writer Zeccharia Sitchin that coincides, but also walks with his theory.

According to the organization of the international event, in this interview the participants of the main conference will be able to participate with questions that Anton will answer about his theory, discoveries and research (with devices for simultaneous translation into Spanish).

In the main conference, Anton Parks will present the sum of his experience as an archaeological researcher exposing the reality of the existence of the Gods of ancient civilizations in the sources of the genetic creation of humans.

«Anton Parks contributes to bringing new information about the mythical and religious past of humanity»

And as if that were not enough, he will also give, together with his wife Hanael Parks – who has been working together, providing logistics and supervision to the communication of the Parks – the Workshop in which they will present their knowledge and experiences on Extraterrestrial Science. : No power, travel, care and coding.

Organization sources tell us that capacity is in high demand for the Workshops that will take place on Saturday, September 10, from 3:00 pm to 4:20 pm, in Room 1 of the Hotel Calatonia Barcelona Plaza.

Anton Parks, at age 14, spontaneously receives a great deal of coherent information about his past and the extraterrestrial origins of the “gods” of the new traditions.

Precisely, twenty years later, he decides to write his series of Chronicles whose content exposes the history of the oldest civilization that would have given rise to our current society.

He is the author of the cult series ¨Les Chroniques du Girkù¨ in which he recounts the adventures of the gods and goddesses in the origin of humanity, he has also written several essays:

The Virgin\’s Testament (2009), Eden (2011), The Last March of the Gods (2013), The Chaos of Origins (2016) and Corpus Deae (2017).

Hanel Parks from the year 2000 began to write his series, “The Chronicles of the Lady of the Temple”, a complementary work to the series of “Chronicles of Gírkù” by Anton Parks. This series will be published by Nouvelle Terre from 2019.

Former moderator of the author\’s official forum (between 2012 and 2013), Hanael continues her own work while assisting Anton in his research and in the challenges of everyday life.

Trained as a lawyer, her graduation thesis on non-pharmacological care and her personal experience in the hospital environment confirmed that this path would not allow her to express her full potential.

The World Congress of Ufology is once again positioned as the number 1 reference for Holistic Education in Europe, also offering simultaneously in 3 uninterrupted days a series of workshops presented by the best teachers and experts from around the world.

Given the rise of our society due to new practices and techniques of holistic knowledge, this congress has managed to deliver numerous courses year after year with main themes such as:

The “Awakening of Consciousness” and “Human Well-Being” in the fields of sacred geometry, dream interpretation, Kabbalah, past lives, NLP, thetahealing, spiritual coaching, sacred medicines, chakra activation…

Ufology, astrology, esoteric schools, psychic powers, astral projection, personal development, quantum physics, Reiki, numerology, channeling, acupuncture…

Healing therapies, fengshui, mindfulness and dozens of knowledge that are revolutionizing our society.

Our correspondents in Barcelona have informed us that the purchase of tickets can be made through the official website and that they will also be able to follow the 3 days of live broadcast by subscribing to gain access
to all conferences and workshops.

Participants in the congress and workshops will have the option of simultaneously listening to the translation of the works in English and Spanish.

In just a few years, this congress has already become the mecca of European Ufology and Holism and, without a doubt, all lovers and followers of the phenomenon are eagerly awaiting this VI edition.

The imposing poster and the number of international figures do not stop surprising year after year. You can contact the congress organization via email [email protected] and by phone 34 937 763 953 – 34 722 799 297

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