We Are Part of a Very Complex Matrix Run by an Alien Race. – NASA Researcher’s Claims

We are all imprisoned in a simulation that is being kept in check by a cunning extraterrestrial society located far away in another galaxy, according to one of NASA’s most esteemed scientists, Nick Bostrom.
He did make a reference to the Matrix in his speech, but he swiftly emphasized that the image and the reality we live in must be two different things. In this scenario, there are two parts: the simulation we are now in, and the portion that may be under the hands of an extraterrestrial civilisation.
According to Rich Terrile, an astronomer from the above video, we will be able to construct a computer simulation of this enormous magnitude in the next ten years or so. God is referred to by Richard, a lifelong Catholic, as the “creator of heaven and earth, of all things.” God is a superior entity that sustains all of creation. But this really got Richard thinking, he said.

He was reared a Catholic and eventually became a physicist. The goal of science, according to some, is to comprehend the nature of the physical universe. seeing the universe’s functioning like a clockwork from beyond the realm of reality
The harsh truth of science is that it is only via mathematical frameworks that our observations can be explained. The mathematical nature of our cosmos is what I find most amazing.
We are depicted in the video below as being little more than physical beings imprisoned in liquid-filled tanks, much as in the movie avatar. How alike! Nick, however, asserts that since we are nothing more than brain particles dispersed across the brain’s network of circuits, we don’t even have a body in the actual world. What a crazy idea, huh? How does that make you feel physically? ha!

Given that we are so close to a highly developed civilisation, what does it seem so unlikely that anything similar has already happened there?
Moore’s Law, which does claim that computer capacity doubles annually, is cited by Terrile. With this growth pace, it won’t take us more than 80 years to compute and reproduce every human being that has ever been on Earth. How peculiar is that?
Do you believe that our reality is a simulation? or the realm of nature? Or do you think we inhabit a hybrid reality that is somewhere in between?
Do Aliens and NASA Communicate?
the 15th of August 1977. The large ear radio telescope picked up an odd signal. This signal lasted for 72 seconds and had an intensity up to 30 times that of the typical signal. Numerous advances in NASA and space communication were inspired by this transmission. The most likely source of this signal, according to theory, is intelligent life.
Science is certain that alien intelligence must exist or must have existed in the vast cosmos. There seems to be a bounty of life out there in this immensity. Modern earth-based telescopes and other tools have been used in human searches for it.
But bear in mind that NASA did not start out transparent or even at peace with all of mankind; rather, it was created through Operation Paperclip. Could NASA be working toward a secret goal?

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