Aliens Might Be Avoiding Us Over Some Bizarre Photos

You may not know, but the Voyager 1 and 2 probes, launched in 1977, carry gold disks (which do not rust or degrade) with photographic records, sounds and images that serve as a small sample of Earth and humanity, as shown. article from the \’Meteorite Gallery\’ website.

This would serve to inform possible alien civilizations about our existence, in case they find this probe in the future. And considering that spacecraft are already outside the confines of our Solar System, they can be found (if they haven\’t already) at any time!

Foto Sonda Voyager 1

But what worries some people, like writer Richard Littler, for example, is that these files end up driving ETs away from our species…

The writer claimed on social media that some photos are so bizarre, they can scare aliens, causing them to avoid us for being too weird!

Fotos Sonda Voyager 2

His main concern is a photo that shows a random man eating a piece of toast in a very peculiar way. Next to him we see another individual drinking water straight from a pitcher, pouring the liquid into his mouth from a distance of about 10 centimeters. And to complete the exotic scene, a woman passionately licks an ice cream.

“Want to know why we haven\’t made contact with alien life? It\’s all that freaky toast guy\’s fault. It\’s his fault. If I were a member of an advanced civilization I would pretend not to be home if these specimens knocked on my door saying \’Hey can I come in? I came from Earth. I destroy toast,\'” Richard wrote on Twitter.

“Oh God, if the aliens find this photo, they\’ll share it with all their little alien friends to make fun of us.” replied an internet user in the comments.

Of course, it\’s all a joke, but in fact the Voyager probe carries very weird files, of questionable taste. Do you think they represent our civilization well? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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