Bizarre Cases of Military Encounters with Strange Aquatic Humanoids

The world can be a very strange place, and there have always been stories and reports of encounters with strange humanoids. There\’s a corner of this weirdness that seems to get relatively little coverage, and that\’s the military\’s bizarre encounters with strange aquatic entities. These are trained servicemen who have come across strange things under the waves that their training has not prepared them for. Here we are going to look at a variety of such cases of apparent aquatic humanoids that surprised the military.

In an account by researcher Linda Moulton Howe, in 1968 there was a strange encounter with some sort of aquatic humanoid made by a former US Army Specialist 4, military police officer who at the time was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, California, as well like Fort Baker in Marin County, California. The witness calls himself “David” and says that at the time of their strange encounter, he was on a patrol from Fort Baker at around 1 a.m., not far from the main facility and just 20 feet from the water’s edge. of San Francisco Bay. He was with a partner, and at some point during their lone patrol they noticed a fleeting movement in the dark and slowed the vehicle down to see what it was, thinking it must be an intruder. In a way, they were right, but this was no human intruder. The witness says:

When I applied the brakes, that thing lit up. And it was a humanoid form. The only way I can describe it is if you\’ve seen the movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon. It was very, very close to that. Very close. The head was a little smaller, but the overall shape was very close to that creature. And he came out of the water and stood on the road. And when I slammed on the brakes, I could see clearly. And my partner turned and saw.

It was a humanoid shape, but what I could do with the details, it looked like it wasn\’t flesh. I could look at it, it looked like, well, it looked like some kind of lizard skin or something. That\’s what it looked like. But it was a little softer than that. His color was kind of greenish-brown, dark greenish-brown. And he had broad shoulders, so he looked very healthy. He looked very strong and healthy because he was tall. I would say it was about nine feet. It\’s kind of hard to judge, but definitely not less than two meters. I would say it was about nine meters tall.

And as we watched, the creature stayed there for maybe five seconds or at most ten seconds, and it took off. I could see him just running, but he didn\’t run back into the water, but towards the cliff that was there. There was a cliff there that he ran and disappeared! We were both a little shaken up, to be honest with you. So my partner, we both saw this thing and we saw it fall off the cliff. There is nothing but a cliff there. I can\’t imagine anyone capable of climbing that cliff. It was like a wall.

Another report from the same period that also involves military personnel on the beach was reported by researcher Scott Corrales on the website Inexplicata, and originates from a report made by a military officer stationed on the Caribbean island of Antigua in 1969. That night he and some friends had gone to the bay. from Mamora to fish at night. As the sun went down, they noticed a group of people making a bonfire on the beach and they didn\’t think much of it at the time, but then the people around the bonfire were involved in some sort of ritual, forming an inexplicable and even apparently sacrificing chickens. So far so weird, but it would get even weirder when something starts to stir among the frozen waves of the moon, and the witness says:

Suddenly, we saw someone come out of the water. We are speechless. He wasn\’t a diver. He was a person, but much taller. Over six feet tall, he walked slowly and surely toward the men in the circle.

The beast in question was described as humanoid in general shape, but with an angular, tapering head, webbed hands and feet, and a row of bony protrusions running down its scaly back. As he approached the group performing the ritual, one of them came to him holding a bowl into which the chicken\’s blood had been emptied, and the creature took it and began drinking from it. When he had finished the contents of the bowl, he silently turned and walked back into the water, where he dove and disappeared into the darkness. The men were completely freaked out by all this at this point and vacated the area in great haste. What the hell was going on here? Beach rituals, chicken sacrifices and aquatic humanoids? What gives?

Another very strange account of an encounter with underwater humanoids supposedly happened on Lake Baikal in Russia in 1982. Navy divers in the lake on a training exercise reported finding unknown human-like organisms swimming to a depth of about 164 feet. The massive humanoids were described as being around 10 feet tall and wearing some sort of tight-fitting silver suit and round helmets on their heads. When the divers tried to chase the creatures to catch one of them, they fought back, and three of the Russian divers reportedly died as a result, with another four seriously injured, after they were thrown from the depths by a powerful and mysterious force. , causing massive decompression injuries.

These would not be the only supposed giant underwater humanoids to be seen in Russian lakes, and they were reportedly reported in all remote waters at the time. In fact, that same year there was a training exercise for reconnaissance divers on Lake Issik Kul, a deep, frigid lake in the Transiliysk Ala Tau area. This mission would have been informed about what happened in Baikal, by Major General V. Demyanko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineering Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

Such stories were further fueled by an account by B. Borovikov, who came across huge underwater humanoids while diving into the Black Sea to hunt sharks in 1996. He claimed that he was diving to a depth of about 8 meters in the Anapa area, he said. was terrified to see a group of huge humanoid creatures about 3 meters in length rising from below. They were described as being milky white in color, with human-like faces but fish-like tails. The entity in front supposedly saw Borovikov and stopped to stare with bulging, frog-like eyes, and another one passed by while waving a webbed hand. The entire group edged closer until they were close, before suddenly darting into the darkness. Whatever these cases are describing, these reports and others have been covered in some depth in a book by ufologists Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle called Secrets of Russia\’s USO: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters. What should we do with the reports we\’ve seen here? Is there something to all this, or is it just military knowledge and stories? We may never know for sure.

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