Mysterious Crop Circle In England Changes Its Shape Overnight

Although crop circles have appeared all over the world since time immemorial, from California to the rice paddies of Indonesia, the South West of England is the crop circle capital of the world.
These mysterious circles are particularly concentrated in the county of Wiltshire, where a treasure trove of ancient history includes the Neolithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury, both crop circle hotspots.

ancient culture
Carving works of art in the landscape is an ancient tradition in these places; Chalk horses adorn eight hills in Wiltshire. While the UK’s oldest geoglyph, the impressive Bronze Age Uffington White Horse, is found just across the border in Oxfordshire.

Reports of mysterious patterns appearing in the area’s wheat, barley and corn fields began in the 1970s, but it was in the late 1980s that the phenomenon reached its peak.

The mysterious circles began to appear more frequently and became much more abnormal: some looked like hallucinatory fractals; other rune-like hieroglyphics; other stylized animals similar to those of the Nazca Lines in Peru. But this type of strange formations continue to appear, in the XXI century.

changing formation
A crop circle that has appeared in England over the weekend mysteriously morphed into a second design the next day. The unique case began on Sunday morning when a formation featuring a flattened circle surrounding crops that had been formed into a hexagon was discovered at a site known as Barbury Castle in Wiltshire County.

As is often the case, researchers were quick to study the design and offer their interpretations of what it might mean, with some noting that it seemed to be the method by which Archimedes approximated pi. However, it would seem that the creator of the cultivation formation was not quite finished, as the design changed drastically overnight.

By the next morning, the mysterious formation had taken on a whole new look with the hexagon of crops in the center of the circle transformed into 12 ‘blades’ made up of four triangles each. Some have wondered if the extremely rare two-phase design was intentional on the part of its creator or if they were forced to abandon their work and came back later to finish it.

Given the second scenario, his determination is admirable, since going back to the proverbial “crime” scene of crops was quite risky. That said, whether they were aliens from another world or humans with boards and ropes, they somehow managed to complete the formation without anyone seeing them.

Without explanation
This discovery about one of the mysterious circles has caused a stir among the inhabitants of the county of Wiltshire. And there are many who agree that it is a message for humanity from civilizations on other worlds.

But some believe that this new circle is related to the theory of ley lines: mystical alignments of spiritual energy that intersect at sacred places such as Avebury, Stonehenge and also county Wiltshire, where a large number of inexplicable formations have appeared.

Others say that the mysterious circles are created by an extraterrestrial intelligence trying to warn humanity about climate change. Nuclear war and similar existential threats such as pandemics.

But among those who dismiss the extraterrestrial hypothesis, one possibility is that the creators of the circles are humans who “take advantage” of people’s naivete.

Regardless of what you believe about the mysterious circles, there are many things that remain enigmatic about crop circles, including clocks that stopped inside them and recording equipment that failed inexplicably.

What not many know is that the very same Nissan company built corporate crop circles in their fields for advertising, but just a basic design required several professionals working 12 hours in daylight, in contrast to those circles that are created quickly In the darkness of the night.


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